Guide to the Perfect Road Trip

The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Road Trip

Is there anyone who doesn’t love a road trip? Sure there are a few things that can go wrong. Any true connoisseur of road trips have stories and cautionary tales they could share. There are the trips that took a wrong turn in more than one way. But in the grand scheme of things, even those trips were all just a part of the adventure.

A road trip is one of those rare occasions where it is truly not about the destination and more about the journey. Destinations are easy. You just get on a plane and get off wherever you like. A journey takes planning. It cannot be done well haphazardly. For the journey of a lifetime, there are a few things you will need to have in place. A perfect journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. From there, you will need the following:

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At Least Two Drivers

Everybody makes mistakes. And perfect driving records seldom stand the test of time. It could be that one of your potential drivers will need to look into some cheap sr22 insurance. That’s not the end of the world. It is also nothing to be ashamed of.

More importantly it could just save your life. One of the greatest dangers on the road is a sleepy and inattentive driver. Having someone who can share the load is crucial. And that is not the only good reason a second driver makes sense on a road trip.

Everyone on the trip needs to have a chance to actually enjoy the journey. The driver would also like a little time to look at the passing scenery and send out a text or two. Multiple drivers ensure that everyone gets a chance to get the most out of the trip.

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Select the Perfect Vehicle

That Toyota two-seater that you have been driving since college is probably not the perfect road trip vehicle. The fact is you may not have anything in your garage that would do the trip justice. Fortunately, you are not stuck with whatever you happen to drive to work everyday.

There is a good chance that your perfect road trip vehicle is a rental. That means you can get a newer vehicle, and one that is more suited to the task. There is also the freedom of doing all that driving without putting all that wear and tear on your daily driver.

You may also want to take the opportunity to rent an RV. A lot of people fantasize about what it would be like to own an RV. Now, you don’t have to wonder. Since you are taking a road trip anyway, you might as well use the opportunity to find out for yourself if it might be a worthy investment. You can’t have the perfect road trip without the perfect road trip vehicle.

Don’t Forget the Tech

You’re not a Neanderthal. So don’t walk out of the house without the right gear. Everyone on the trip could stand to have the best tactical flashlight money can buy. Danger comes in all shapes and sizes. Be prepared.

That means you will also need a GPS in case you get lost. If possible, you should have a cell phone from at least two different carriers. That will increase your chances of getting a signal wherever you happen to be.

If little ones are a part of the trip, be sure to have plenty of entertainment. They will not be quite as enamored by the open road as you. Happy passengers mean plenty of movies to watch that you have pre-downloaded. Oh, and don’t forget headphones for everyone. None of that will mean a thing if you don’t bring extra battery packs that you didn’t forget to charge before leaving the house.

It wouldn’t be an ultimate guide if I didn’t remind you to check for public restrooms along your rout so that you are not caught off guard by long stretches without a potty break. And grab a few extra snacks for the same reason.

An extra driver the right vehicle, and all the tech and extras make all the difference. Answering the call of the road is all about proper preparation.

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