How To Make The Most Money By Selling Your Gold

How To Make The Most Money By Selling Your Gold

Gold is one of the most prominent assets held by Indian households. It is considered as a safe investment option, along with the cultural and religious values it holds. Most of all, gold is a great asset as it can be liquified easily in case of a financial emergency. At times like these, most people hurriedly sell their gold without realizing its full value.

Getting the maximum value of your gold

So, how to sell gold in India to make the most money? Let us look at some of the points to bear in mind which would help you in providing a better deal for gold:

1. Evaluate The Purity Of Your Gold

As you might be aware, gold is measured in karats. The more the number of karats, the higher the value of the gold. To evaluate the purity, check if your gold items have BIS authorized hallmark. If not, visit a trustworthy buyer. Check for gold certifications that the buyer owns.

2. Get An Approximate Value Of Gold

Spot prices of gold are present online. Find out the current price of gold. This information will keep you informed if the buyer tries to cheat you. If you are willing to sell multiple gold items, divide them into different piles by karats.Along with the karats, weight is also of importance while selling jewellery.

Determine the weight beforehand to arrive at approximate pricing. A reasonable offer of your old gold jewellery would be about 70% of the market price. There are a few good scrap gold calculators which help in estimating the approximate value of your gold.

3. If It Is A Jewellery Item, Inspect It Finely For Any Additional Value

If you are looking for gold buyer in Delhi, you should check the intricacies of your jewellery first. Check for the stones that are present in the jewellery. See how the stones are attached to the jewellery. Fine crafted jewellery has more value than jewels using glue to hold the pieces in place.

4. Check For Exchange Offers

If your gold is bought from a renowned store, check if they have an ongoing exchange scheme for your items. However, such stores may ask for a bill/ invoice. You will get a better deal at a reliable gold buying outlet than by selling it at a random and local pawn shop.

5. Check For The Trend In Gold Prices

It will be profitable for you if you choose a day when gold prices are higher than usual. Gold prices are driven by demand and festivals like Dhanter as and Akshay Tirthiya has a higher rate than usual.

6. Where To Sell Gold?

  • At a marketplace:

    Gold can be sold at multiple places. In India, the metros usually have marketplaces specifically dealing in metals and jewellery. For example, cash against gold in Delhi are present in Karol Bagh, in Mumbai – at Zaveri Bazaar, in Chennai – at T. Nagar, etc. Search for a jewellery market in your city.

    Visit several reputable gold dealers in order to get the best deal for your gold. A reliable outlet will provide you with a better deal than other dealers.

  • To friends or relatives:
    A fine piece of jewellery that you own might be of interest to someone known to you, who is willing to give a higher price than the market.

Hopefully, this article gives you a better idea of how to sell gold for cash in India to make the most money. If you are looking for gold jewellery buyers in Delhi NCR, we are the best choice. We are buyers of gold in Delhi NCR with extensive knowledge in this area. Also, we are reputed and popular for providing you with the best price for your gold. Visit our outlets and get the best price for your gold!

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