How to Make Your Car Tires Last Longer and Perform Better

How to Make Your Car Tires Last Longer and Perform Better

Buying new car tires is not something a normal car owner looks forward to. Good car tires are expensive so it is important that you take good care of them so that they can last long. Interestingly taking care of tires is very easy and inexpensive. If you follow these tips, you will add more life to your tires.

Monitor Tire Pressure

Monitoring the pressure is so important that some new model vehicles have integrated a pressure monitoring gauge on the dashboard. If however you do not have such a car, you can use a gauge that can be digital or analog. I would recommend that you check the pressure at least every month since most tires lose about a pound per PSI every month. Having the right air pressure will not only prolong the life of the tire but also give you better gas mileage and keep you safe as you drive.

Naturally when you check he pressure and it is low, you need to top up. It would help if you have an air compressor in your garage. You can find good deals on the best garage air compressor online. It helps if you can top up the pressure before you leave home instead of driving to a gas station. Check your user manual to see the manufacturer’s recommended tire pressure.

Rotate The Tires

Because the driving force of the vehicle is not distributed evenly through the wheels, you will find that the tires do not wear evenly, for this reason you need to rotate the tires. You may find that on a front wheel drive, the front tires wear off more than the back ones. After every 5000 miles, it is recommended that you have the tires rotated so that the wear can be even and this will help the tires last longer.

Ensure The Tires Are Aligned

Wheel alignment should be done at least twice a year but at times after carrying out repairs to parts of the wheels like the brake pads or the suspension, you will find there is need to check the alignment. Poorly aligned wheels tend to pull in different directions which increase the friction between the tire and the road surface so the tire will wear out quickly. At times even hitting the pavement can cause the wheels to lose alignment. Whenever you get a chance to check alignment, do it, there are many promotions at garages that will offer to check wheel alignment free so take advantage of that.

Keep The Garage Clean

Many people like to use their garages as workshops and may leave behind debris from the work they are doing. This can become a danger to your tires since they may end up getting pierced by a nail left on the floor or a chemical that is not good for rubber may be left flowing on the floor, oil and other petroleum products are actually not good for your tire. It is a good idea to always clean up the garage after doing anything there so that the tires are not damaged. You may be able to mend the tire but continuous piercing will make the tires wear out faster.

Use The Right Cleaning Agent

Let’s face it, a clean tire gives you the impression that the tire is still in good condition, but before you go out and start applying different cleaning agents to your tire, make sure it is actually made for tires. There are sprays you can use on your tires and they will bring out a brighter look of the rubber, it also provides a protective coat which will preserve it for longer.

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