How to Pick a Perfect Plus Size Prom Dress

How to Pick a Perfect Plus-Size Prom Dress

How to Pick a Perfect Plus Size Prom DressSometimes a dress can look very different in the catalog picture (or hanging on the rack) than it looks on the wearer, so it’s important to know your body type to find the best prom dress possible. If you wear a plus-size in clothing, finding a dress to make you look and feel beautiful is not a problem as long as you know how to shop for your shape and style.

There are so many gorgeous gowns available from which to choose that anybody can easily find a great dress in any size. Below, we’ll give you some helpful tips so you can find the perfect plus-size prom dress.

How to Find the Perfect Plus-Size Prom Dress

1. Consider Your Color Carefully

Dark colors are generally considered to be slimming, but this doesn’t mean plus-size ladies are limited to black, browns and gloomy grays.

  • If your favorite color is green, consider a deep emerald prom dress, especially if it complements your coloring.
  • If blue is your hue, choose a rich sapphire fabric instead of a dim navy.
  • If you love red, boast a beautiful burgundy-colored gown.
  • And if your favorite color happens to be a bright, lighter color, don’t fret; simply use it as your main accessorizing color and include it in jewelry, corsage flowers, or a pretty wrap.

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2. Let’s Talk About Length

The most recommended dress length for plus-size ladies is a knee-length hem.

  • Dresses that drag the floor can make the wearer appear larger by bulking up the lower area.
  • Dresses that are too short can chop up the silhouette you’re trying to lengthen.

But don’t forget that everybody is different—and so is every dress—so don’t automatically discount a gown based on length alone. Give any prom dress that appeals to you a try, because sometimes you’ll be pleasantly surprised when something you never thought would flatter your shape looks amazing.

How to Pick a Perfect Plus Size Prom Dress

3. Fabric is Your Friend

Have you ever noticed how some fabrics cling tightly to our bodies, while others drape loosely, forgivingly flattering problem areas?

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  • Wool doesn’t cling, but can thicken or make the wearer overly warm in a crowded setting.
  • Cotton is a lighter, more breathable, natural fabric, while being flattering as well.
  • Polyester and other synthetic fabrics tend to be clingy and less-flattering, but sometimes you can find a blend that works with a certain style, so if you love the dress, give it a try.

4. Flatter Your Favorite Features

Figure out what your best assets are, and play them up. Everyone has beautiful qualities about them, so if you haven’t yet found yours, ask your close friends and family what they think you should showcase with your prom dress. Sometimes we see ourselves very differently from the people around us, and you might be pleasantly surprised by the positive feedback you receive.

  • If you have great legs, show them off with a shorter dress.
  • If your bust and neck area is beautiful, wear a low-cut or halter strap dress to accentuate the area.
  • If you have a classically curvy hourglass figure, show off your smaller waist with a belt or dress with a form-fitting bodice.
  • If your eyes are your best feature, choose a color to make those baby blues, beautiful browns, or gorgeous greens glow.

The best rule to remember when shopping for a plus-size prom dress is that there are no rules. Yes, there are basic guidelines like the ones given above that we can all follow, but sometimes you’ll come across a dress that defies the rules, and simply looks fabulous on you.

But the number one thought to keep in mind during your quest for the best dress is that the most attractive quality any woman can have is confidence, so if a dress makes you feel like a beautiful princess… congratulations! You just found the perfect plus-size prom dress for you.

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