How To Recover Data From Pen Drive After Formatting

How To Recover Data From Pen Drive After Formatting

Pen drives is compact portable device used to share and store information from one PC to another. Lots of users these days depend on pen drives to carry confidential information due the flexibility of storing large amount of data. These USB drives come with a maximum storage capacity of 2 TB with capacity of 100,000 write/erase cycles. But some users complain about unusual behavior of pen drives due to which the requirement of formatting comes in handy. Once formatted the data saved in pen drives become delete and how to recover data from pen drive after formatting is what they enquirer for. In this section we will discuss about scenarios that lead to formatting of pen drives and possibilities of data recovery from formatted pen drives.

Situation Demanding Formatting Of Pen Drives!

Imagine a situation, where you have used your USB drive with an infected PC in internet cafe to download some important files. When you plug in your USB drive with your laptop is unable to recognize your USB drive and prompts an error message on screen ‘USB Drive not formatted’. Due to arrival of this error message, you are unable to access any of the contents saved in Flash drive. In such type of situations, only way to get back your data is hiring professional tool to resolve pen drive issues.

Formatting And Its Types!

Formatting of pen drives can be performed in two ways i.e. connect pen drive with machine and right click to choose format option.

Else, formatting can be done by using command prompt by following simple command lines.

  • Click on Start and type ‘cmd’.

  • Now type ‘diskpart’ and press enter.
  • Type ‘List disk’ and enter
  • Type ‘select disk # (Number of your USB drive)’ and again press enter

  • Type Clean > Enter

  • Type Create partition primary > Enter

  • Type Active > Enter

  • Type Format fs=ntfs > Enter

  • After formatting process is completed press ‘Exit’.

In both the cases, data saved in pen drives get lost and user needs to adopt preventive methods to retrieve data from formatted pen drives.

Conclusion: In the segment we described the manual processes of the recover data from formatted pen drive, in case if you are facing any other kind of the problem with you pen drive such as Write Protected Error then don’t be worry about this issue my another post will help you to fix Write Protected Error from the Pen Drive.

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