How to Tell When It’s Time to Replace Ceiling Fans
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How to Tell When It’s Time to Replace Ceiling Fans

Many of us have one or more ceiling fans in our home that help move hot air around and make our properties feel more comfortable during many months of the year.

While these appliances are something we tend to “set and forget,” the reality is that, like all electrical items, they wear out over time and need replacing.

It’s not always obvious when it’s time to upgrade this product, though. As such, it helps to know some of the most common signs that a fan is at the end of its life and needs replacing.

Fans Won’t Turn On or Off

The first clear reason to get rid of a fan and upgrade to something new is if you can’t get the appliance to turn on or off. When these goods fail to respond to their switches, this typically means there’s an electrical issue. The fan’s motor could have gone kaput, or there may be serious internal wiring issues at play.

Depending on the severity of these problems, an electrician may be able to repair the machine. Still, it’s more likely that it will be cheaper and easier to replace the unit instead.

Fans are Old

If you can tell from looking at it or reading receipts or other documents that a fan is very old, it’s probably the right time to say goodbye to it. Once fans hit eight or ten years old more, they’re pretty much at the end of their life.

Do note, though, that some fans won’t last as long as eight or ten years, so you may need to upgrade sooner. Longevity depends on numerous elements, such as the quality of the product, how much it has been used, and if it has been properly maintained and cared for. Plus, if a fan wasn’t correctly installed, this can reduce its shelf life.

The Appliances Need Costly or Regular Repair or Maintenance Work

Do you have fans in your home that you keep having issues with? If you find that some appliances need continual cleaning, maintenance, or worse yet, repair work, it may be time to replace them. Constant headaches are frustrating and mean you can’t use the products how you want to and lose time and money to boot.

While occasional tune-ups will help your fans last, there’s only so much that needs doing to them, and you shouldn’t have problem after problem. Rather than wasting more cash on fixing fans, you’re better off paying for new ones that will look and work better anyhow. You’ll find options to suit all budgets and tastes at online stores such as Hunter Fan or local appliance specialists.

You Hear Loud or Strange Noises

Fans may seem to operate just fine but give out loud or strange noises unexpectedly. You’ll always have some gentle, consistent sounds stemming from the machines as they whir around. However, if you notice unusual noises, get an electrician or other professional to examine the units to see what’s happening.

Noticeable squeaks, creaks, clonks, groans, and the like can indicate that the appliance has faulty components, loose or incorrect wiring, or has worn out. You can also get weird noises occurring if the unit was poorly assembled in the first place.

Fans Don’t Suit Your Home’s Décor or Architectural Style

Another reason to think about buying new fans is if the current products in your home don’t suit your preferred design aesthetic or the property’s architecture. If you feel that the current options are outdated, ugly, or don’t match your style well, you may want to invest in some upgrades.

If the current fans still work fine and are in decent condition, consider selling them via the classifieds or some other method to recoup money to put towards replacements.

Fan Blades are Wobbly 

If you spot fans in your home moving much more than they should or notice that the blades wobble about, turn the appliance off ASAP. While fans rotate to allow their blades to push hot air around, they shouldn’t have excessive or uneven motion.

If they do, the machine could fall, or the blades could become insecure, posing safety risks for you and your family and pets. Have an expert check out the fan ASAP. It’s a simple fix if the blades have become imbalanced, but a more worrisome problem is if any internal components have worn out or broken.

When Its Time to Replace Ceiling Fans

You Want More Energy Efficiency

While fans use up much less power than reverse cycle air-conditioning units and other heating and cooling products, you’ll still find that newer products are more energy-efficient than ever. You may like to upgrade to new products to lower your power bills and help the planet.

If you have one or more of the above signals showing you that your fans are on the way out, it’s better to replace them sooner rather than later.

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