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How to Upcycle Clothes: 5 Tips for Transforming Your Worn Out Fashion

You’ve had the same clothes for quite a while, but they don’t have the same flair they once had. You find yourself wishing you could update your wardrobe, but you don’t like anything they have in stores either.

Don’t fret! You can learn how to upcycle clothes to create new, stunning pieces! Here are five tips to help you transform your worn out fashion.

1. Cut Up Your Old T-Shirts

Sometimes that old t-shirt doesn’t feel as good as it did when you first got it. It doesn’t mean you have to throw it away, though.

You can cut your old t-shirts into tank tops or halter tops for a cute, vintage summer look. (Then you have a new, upcycled option for summer clothes too!)

If tank tops aren’t your thing, you can always make a t-shirt blanket out of your old t-shirts. Keep the memories without feeling guilty about not wearing your old t-shirts.

2. Sweater Weather Continues: Turn Pullovers into Cardigans

Everyone has that pullover they love dearly that is now too small for them to wear. Instead of selling or donating it, why not turn it into a cardigan sweater instead?

All you’ll need is some scissors, buttons, some fabric, and a sewing kit to get you started. This option is great for pregnant women or if you have a sweater from your younger years you can’t bear to let go of. Upcycling it to a cute cardigan still gives you the opportunity to wear it without the discomfort!

3. Can’t Go Wrong Making Pants Patches or Side Strips

You can patch your pants (or a jacket!) by patching it up. Create your own patches to give your upcycled clothes a unique and quirky vibe.

Add a little extra flair to your old jeans by putting a velvet or satin strip on the sides. Even if your jeans are a bit worn, you don’t need to write them off as too old to wear. You can make the side strips on your jeans colorful or whatever pattern of cloth you like.

4. Your New Choker Necklaces

They’re not “new” like store-bought, but your upcycled choker necklaces will keep everyone a bit jealous. Over the past couple of years chokers have had their comeback, but seeing the same old choker styles in stores is a bit tiring.

You’ll need some clasps and maybe a fun charm or two, but using the fabric you have lying around or at your local craft shop will help you make some cute new choker necklaces to rock.

5. T-Shirt Dresses for Life

Those oversized t-shirts, if they don’t make it into your t-shirt quilt, would make fabulous dresses. You can add fun patches to it to upcycle it even more.

Creating a dress from an old oversized t-shirt is one of the more popular ways for how to upcycle clothes. Follow these instructions to get the best fit for your new dress.

So Many Ways on How to Upcycle Clothes

There are many different ways you can learn how to upcycle clothes. Each will get you a unique “new” piece of fashion for your wardrobe. It’s also fun to make!

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