How to Style Lingerie as Streetwear

How to Wear Lingerie as Streetwear: Styling Tips

There are so many lingerie styles available today that creating your own street style would get you loads of compliments. In fact, celebs like Gigi Hadid and Kim Kardashian have already created great looks with lingerie wearing it as street wear.

Look chic and uber cool by choosing to style your lingerie with your clothes. You have a great choice of bras and bralettes to choose from. You can pair up a bra with your sexy sheer top or wear a chemise as a dress since the options are endless. Here are some styling tips just for you.

1. Bralette With A Low Cut Dress

A bralette teamed up with a stylish low cut dress can make you look sexy. It complements your body shape and makes you stand out from the crowd. It’s also a great way to add coverage to your low cut dress. A matching bralette with a low cut dress is perfect for the streetwear style.

2. Racerback Bralette With Your Gym Wear

Gym sessions will not be boring anymore as you can team up a racer back bralette with your gym wear. Choose a same color racerback bralette and team it up with your gym wear. You can also wear a cool jacket to complement your look.

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3. Spacer Bra With A Sheer Bodysuit

If you are bold enough to carry this look, then you will definitely look amazing. For a sexy streetwear look, choose a black spacer bra and team it up with a sheer body suit. This look will make heads turn for sure.

4. Lace Bralette With A Bodysuit

Look stylish by simply teaming up a lace bralette with your sexy body suit. Choose a lace bralette that perfectly complements your body suit. A shimmer lace bralette will look amazing with a striped bodysuit. It is time to try something new, so go ahead with this look.

5. Lace Bra With Denim Jeans

A lace Bra perfectly complements any body shape. You can team up a lace bra with your pair of denim. Do not forget to wear an oversized jacket to complete your streetwear look. A messy hairdo along with this look will make you look classy for sure.

6. Long Line Bralette With A Boiler Suit

A simple style can also look great if your choice of bralette is right. Team up a long line bralette with a sexy boiler suit and flaunt your look in the right way. A white boiler suit with black longline bralette can make you look ultra sexy, so take your pick.

7. Push Up Bra With A Sheer Dress

You can simply team up a push-up bra with an ultra-glam sheer dress. This will not only make you look classy but also stylish. But, it’s important to choose the right color for this style. A push-up bra also helps to enhance your cleavage in the right way, so choose this style to look sexy.

You can create your own streetwear style by choosing sexy bras and bralettes. Fashion is all about confidence to carry a particular style. Try different styles and look great.

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