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Make Security Your Priority In The New Year

With the threat of identity theft at an all-time high, the New Year brings with it the risk of exposing personal information easier than ever. It’s little wonder, then, that companies are considering whether they should hire a reputable third-party for document destruction as the calendar turns.

While there used to be a tendency for companies to shy away from such a service — thinking it an unnecessary and expensive addition to their budgets — the writing on the wall is clearer now than ever. From Equifax to HBO, there are many well-reported cases of large-scale identity theft affecting some of the biggest companies in the world. But it’s not a concern just for the most successful enterprises. Here are some of the benefits any company can expect when they make a New Year’s Resolution to destroy sensitive documents in a responsible manner.

1. Peace of Mind

When personal information is destroyed properly, both you and your customers can rest well. When a company makes the effort to destroy paper and electronic documents, it can prevent security breaches that damages its reputation. Customers are much more likely to do business with an enterprise that has well-established and clearly-stated security procedures, as they trust these companies with their most confidential information.

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2. Cost Efficiency

Large companies at the heart of the Financial District of Toronto have massive amounts of paperwork and obsolete tech to destroy. Pulling an employee hired for another role to eliminate these documents will lower their overall productivity. You’ll also have to provide the equipment necessary for the task, setting aside money for its regular maintenance. Outsourcing this task to a shredding service Toronto business owners trust is more cost efficient.

3. Legal Advantage

In some instances, companies or government agencies must comply with laws and regulations which require them to dispose of customer data and other sensitive information at specific intervals or within a certain time. By using a company for document destruction Toronto business will maintain compliance with these laws and avoid expensive lawsuits if personal information gets into the wrong hands.

4. Environmental Benefits

Some shredding services in Toronto, like the crew at Absolute Destruction, combine their dedication to security with their concern for the environment. Paper, and especially devices that have the potential to contribute to the world’s e-waste problem, must be disposed of properly after destruction. Check out the Absolute Destruction website to learn more about the environmental impact of an eco-friendly shredding service.

These are just a few of the many reasons why a New Year’s pledge of security is a very smart business decision. It’s great for the bottom line, fosters goodwill from current and prospective customers, and saves the planet. What more could you want in a resolution?

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