Best Black Friday Vacuum Deal

Tips to Find the Best Black Friday Vacuum Deal

If this is the first Black Friday you will be targeting a vacuum cleaner, well you may need a few pointers so that you can find the best deal and find a vacuum that will serve you well. Whether you are shopping online or from a store, it can be such a mad dash that you may end up just picking anything that seems to be affordable. With these tips however, you can find a really good vacuum cleaner at a great price.

Identify proven brands

You may run into a number of brands out there, some that you did not know exist, the best thing to do is to take the time to know the different brands that come highly recommended so that you can quickly find deals worth considering. Some of those you should look out for include:

  • Dyson
  • Shark
  • Hoover
  • Electrolux
  • Roomba

Think of how you prefer to use it

There are different ways to use a vacuum and this is determined by the type it is. There are upright ones, canister, handheld and those mounted on the wall. You may even want to choose one that you do not have to operate much like the Roomba which is a robot that you can program to clean at a scheduled time every day.

Size of the home

If you are buying a vacuum to use in the home, you will need to look at the size of the home and then get one that would suit such a home. There is no reason to buy a big vacuum when you do not have sufficient storage. In such a case, you may prefer a Dyson V6 which is easier to store away. Most Dyson vacuums are small and light weight and you may prefer that.

Alternatively if you have a large house, you may want to go for a vacuum with a large storage bag and wide head that will get the work done fast with less breaks to empty the bin. Hoover vacuums tend to be a favourite for big homes. You can check out some deals on Hoovers.


A vacuum has to be able to suck up dirt and debris, unfortunately a number of vacuums out there are not able to do so effectively. Shark vacuums have a reputation for having strong suction so you may want to consider one with similar suction especially if you will be dealing with a lot of dirt.

The Surface

If you have wall to wall carpeting, then you will need to find a vacuum that is best suited for carpets. For example Electrolux makes a vacuum that is one of the best for thick carpets. Shark on the other hand is recommended for hard floors.


You will also need to know how long you will be able to use a vacuum without having to replace it. In most cases the warranty period can give you a hint of how durable a product is. A good vacuum should have a warranty of 1 year or longer.

Added features

Technology keeps on improving and vacuums also change with the technology. You can look out for any cool features you may find. This may be more in robot vacuums which come with interesting and helpful features.

The best thing to do when preparing for black Friday deals is to list down what you will need so that you can just check quickly if a product meets your expectation.

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