Meet Sklum: Your New Decoration Store
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Meet Sklum: Your New Decoration Store

For design lovers who are looking for exclusive and elegant furniture, in which care for detail is a priority, with great respect for manual labor and a commitment to the environment, they have found their store.

Sklum perfectly captures these exquisite essences in all the products offered in their online store. They have a deep admiration for the great artists and furniture designers that gave the twentieth century and that for them are an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

Therefore, you can find iconic pieces and reinventions of design classics made with high quality materials, but also genuine, modern and elegant creations made by the delicate hands of their craftsmen, all at really attractive prices.

Their biggest bet is the development of sustainable products, so they work with recyclable sources. Raw materials such as wood, bamboo and iron, among others, fit their eco ideal. In addition, it is a company that seeks the perfect balance between traditional techniques and industrial processes to present unique and very fashionable designs.

At a time when respect for the environment is becoming widespread, Sklum’s way of working is in line with the tastes and needs of society, and by not having intermediaries, furniture and decorative elements can be obtained at affordable prices in high quality designs.

They present collections for all tastes and for all members of the family. The youngest members of the family can enjoy original furniture, fun textile designs and also games made with sustainable materials.

Also, for professionals in their sector such as interior designers, commercial customers who wish to distribute or those who want to use their products for an event, they offer interesting advantages.

Decoration trends for this season

Functionality and commitment to the environment are the protagonists of the interior design proposals for 2022.
The decorative style that best fits these ideals is Scandinavian. Natural materials, functional and organic forms, and bringing a piece of nature into the home are the hallmarks of the Nordic style.

Therefore, cotton, wood and bamboo are the most used components. Mixing decorative items and furniture of these materials with neutral tones on the walls such as white, beige and gray generate a perfect harmony and create a very cozy atmosphere.

There are styles in decoration that have been established for decades in our society and enjoy great success as is the case of Scandinavian, but industrial, vintage and bohemian styles are also present for many years and are still trending.

This season, many of these styles are combined to break the homogeneity of the spaces, but at the same time generate areas that have their own character and offer a touch of elegance and originality.

The bohemian or boho style has always opted for fusion, vibrant colors and the freedom to mix, so now it is in a moment of maximum actuality. Materials such as iron and wicker fit perfectly with these canons and give a very personal and original effect to the house.

At least, one of the styles that has gained more strength in recent years is the Mediterranean style. Ceramic, like other natural materials and colors that evoke a relaxed, warm, cheerful and cheerful atmosphere that takes you to the seashore are its main features. It is a style that was only seen in vacation homes, but now, it is also present in the city.


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