most common technology myths busted

6 Most Common Myths About Technology – Busted

most common technology myths busted
Technology is a world of facts rather than fictions. Besides this it is also a world full of countless myths, which continue to remain forever among people. Some of them exist due to plain ignorance while others are genuine heredity which we hear again and again.

But in this high tech world where the technology is moving forward with a high pace these myths has to be put to an end among people. So, let’s burst some of the most popular and common myths about technology.

1. High Megapixels, Better Picture Quality

Higher are the Megapixels better will be the quality of picture is the biggest technology myths which we often hear. Every year the market is flooded with the cameras that offer superior image quality with high megapixels.

If the high megapixel camera is responsible for getting a superior quality image then we all would have been professional photographers. It is the biggest technology myths, as image quality depends on sensor size and quality of lens.

In fact, a camera on your phone can also click better quality images and blow it up to a poster size print. So, a camera with 6 or 10 megapixel resolutions also works fine.

2. Macs Never Gets Virus

It’s somewhat true; the people who use Apple’s MacBook, Mac Pro or iMac face less computer virus. But if you have met Apple fanboy or girl, you probably know that it is impossible for an iPhone or Mac to catch a virus.

So, it is also a biggest technology myths of all time as around 6 Lakhs Mac users around the world suffered a Flashback Trojan outbreak in April 2012.

3. Magnets Erase Hard Drive

The oldest and the most popular technology myths, that magnets can erase your hard drive. Magnets can erase the contents of a floppy disk not the hard drives of SD cards, laptops or desktops. For such systems blackout you will need one of the strongest industrial magnets.

4. Unplug the Laptop

You will ruin the Laptop by leaving it plugged in, is the most common technology myths which we hear every day. The reason behind this technology myths is it can burst if it is kept plugged for long time.

These technology myths are totally impractical unless the laptop is very old or has nickel based battery. These days Lithium based batteries are used in laptops and smartphones which are not susceptible to lose charge.

5. More RAM in Graphic Card is Better

The biggest technology myths that gamers fall prey to it by the marketers. Everything in a graphic card depends on the kind of processing chip that is used and not on the amount of RAM. Only pay attention to the name of the graphic card while purchasing it.

6. More Cores/GHz are Better

The biggest technology myths that are used for marketing purposes. In any of the computing chip or processors the underlying architecture is what matters. More Cores or GHz can slow down the performance of CPUs.

That is why even the slower AMD Athlon processors were faster than the Pentium 4. In Fact, nowadays a four core sandy bridge processor from intel is faster than six core processors than AMD sells.

These are the most popular myths about technology that continue to persists. After reading this article, we are sure that now you know which technology myth is true or false.

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