Online Math Curriculum Using Spirit of Math

Online Math Curriculum: Using Spirit of Math

Although homeschooling can be expensive, you no longer have to break the bank to offer your children great math education. Thanks to online math resources and curriculums, your child can get excellent math education at an affordable rate. According to Techradar, there are even free homeschooling resources. 

Math is a language spoken by a few of us. After decades in school, most people just know enough to count pocket change and calculate their taxes. However, for a child who likes numbers, Spirit of Math can help them become fluent and understand complex equations. 

As the largest after-school math program in Canada, Spirit of Math is exclusive to high-performing students from grade 1 to 11. The platform offers more than just tutoring. 

What the curriculum offers

Spirit of Math through its unique drill system together with its comprehensive program has been generating top math students for over 30 years. The curriculum serves more than 40 campuses and 20 cities. 

Spirit of Math provides a comprehensive grade 9 math curriculum and a truly exciting learning environment. The platform stretches the thinking of students to new levels both through their teacher and peers. From grade 9 to 11, students have a 2-hour class each week with homework between classes. 

The design of the advanced program is to challenge and engage bright students in every grade. Across all the grades, the program follows the regular 39-week school year. Today, over 11,000 students across Canada and the US have enrolled to the program. 

To make sure students get the best, Spirit of Math focuses on both advanced curriculum and teachers with the potential to top the nation. Also, the staff maintains high standards both in and outside the classroom. 

Through their dedication, they manage to create and maintain excitement. This creates confident students with the opportunity to explore their potential. 

Spirit of Math curriculum is thorough and challenging 

The problems on the platform are challenging. The curriculum is rigorous enough to give students the math skills they need to remain academically competitive even in university. It demands students to be precise in their calculations and understanding of the questions. 

It is great for students who are not limited to one grade. In case they come across a problem they are unfamiliar with, they can cross-check it in the previous grade. Across all the grades, Spirit of Math offers students enough to ensure they never miss an important concept. 

Other features 

Apart from maths, Spirit of Math provides other programs such as Spirit or technology, Spirit of English, Math Camps, and Workshops. With these programs, students get to explore different ways of learning other subjects. 


Besides being a renowned online Math program, Spirit of Math is much more than that. The platform uses mathematics to teach students ways of learning, facing challenges, and working with others. 

When a student becomes part of the Spirit of Math community, they have an opportunity to explore and enjoy the excitement of math classes. The platform allows students to learn in a non-threatening environment as they get motivation from their peers. 

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