What Are President Trump’s Effect on Healthcare?

Recently the world has witnessed one of the most aggressive election campaigns ever in entire world between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. With all the speculations and elections polls favored Hillary Clinton to become the next President of US it was Mr. Unexpected or you may say Donald Trump who emerged with a resounding over Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump is already a muti-time billionaire with having various kinds of businesses all over US. With his witty nature and straight forward approach it came as surprise to some and shock to many that he was able to defeat Hillary Clinton in presidency elections.

With numerous points in his election manifesto the one issue which attracted the most controversy was his statements and logics over healthcare issues and specially talking of “Repealing Obamacare”. It created major controversy as Obamacare serves as laws to reform health care industry.

His “Free market principles” about healthcare were applauded by the citizens of US with its major features are discussed below:

#1. Health Insurance

Trump stated that he along with his cabinet will thrive to make health insurance facilities available with low costs so that they may be affordable to every citizen with ease. He also wished to develop modernized medicare so that more benefits can be attached to the prevailing medicare facilities. Raising the age limit to apply for insurance will also be looked after in his run.

#2. Import of Medicines

Donald Trump emphasized on import of medicines but insist on low pricing. He also said that the physicians should be more careful in prescribing medicines as in any case of ill-treatment to the patients they shall face severe punishments.

#3. Drugs

In his speech he appealed to the public not to have any kind of drugs as not only they are injurious to health but also pictures US in a negative image. He also condemned the illegal flow of drugs through Mexican borders and has promised to take strict actions against drugs smuggler.

#4. Illegal Immigrants

Trump is quite aggressive on illegal immigrants and doesn’t want them to use US resources a bit. He condemned of giving any kind of health care benefits to the illegal immigrants. By stopping to give any favors to illegal immigrants he chose the hard working US citizens who despite of paying taxes sometimes doesn’t able to avail health benefits.

#5. Patient Centered Systems

Donald Trump stressed on building more patient centered care systems which helps in endorsing quality health care units which mainly helps the patient to get well soon with minimum expenses the rest expenses shall be Bourne the government. These benefits will be provided to only those who can’t afford to bear expensive treatments.

Donald Trump is the President of the most powerful country in the world and therefore the world is eyeing upon his policies and terms. Health care should be made compulsory and also made cheap as in many countries health benefits are beyond the reach and sometimes the general public doesn’t even know the policies and rebates that are provided to them.

Author Bio: Matt Wilson – A Healthcare Expert, working with Aegis HealthTech as senior developer from last 5 years. He has extensive experience in Patient Portal Software Development, EMR & EHR Consulting, Development, Implementation and Integration.

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