Reasons Why Boxing Help You Easily Lose Weight

4 Reasons Why Boxing Help You Easily Lose Weight

Weight loss requires the application of different ways to achieve successful outcomes. One of the main factors to consider is following a proper diet plan, a healthy lifestyle, and of course, adequate physical activity.

Simply put, keeping your body active can significantly contribute to helping your body achieve healthy weight loss. An uncommon but effective body-boosting activity for weight loss you can consider is boxing.

Boxing is a physical workout that can directly influence the body’s strength and fitness through heavy cardio, balance-focus, and coordination training. Undoubtedly, many consider spending even a little time in boxing beneficial as it enables calorie burns, making it an efficient and effective way to lose weight.

Here are four reasons why boxing can help you easily lose weight.

1. It Burns Calories

One given benefit of boxing is its ability to burn a significant amount of calories in your body.

For the body to lose weight efficiently, looking at the number of calories you acquire and burn daily is essential. A healthy weight loss equates to about 500 calorie-deficit daily. Why is calorie deficit important in the process of weight loss?

Simply, a calorie deficit is a process where an individual makes fewer calorie-intake than how much it burns to achieve healthy weight loss. Heavy and increased physical activities like boxing help your body achieve this needed deficiency to burn more calories than usual while still enabling you to consume adequate calorie levels.

An hour of boxing will help you burn at least 800 calories, translating to losing more than one pound of fat per week. However, knowing the recommended daily calorie consumption is vital before setting goals related to your calorie burn and intake.

To help you further understand what’s proper and not for your body concerning calorie level, consulting your doctor can help you gain more of the dos and don’ts.

2. It Is a Full-Body Workout

Boxing is considered a full-body workout as it involves head coordination for balance, shoulder, and hands for strong jabs and hooks, and stable legs and feet for fast steps, squats, kicks, and jumps.

Given all these active and intense movements, including full body coordination, boxing can surely help you easily burn not only calories but also fats which leads to effective weight loss.

A full-body workout allows one to practice core, cardio, and lower-body toning exercises that help regulate the burning of fats, translating to higher energy levels in the body. When the body is adequately used through intense activities like boxing, it shrinks fat cells, leading to maintaining healthy body weight or weight loss.

Specifically, if you aim to get rid of your belly fat, boxing is also beneficial. This is because visceral fats that cause belly or hidden fats are efficiently burned during intense boxing workouts, as the activity may require quick movements involving your waist.

Of course, aside from close practice of organized training with boxing and other physical activities, an additional effort like taking in Best Fat Burners supplements may also help you push over and achieve further expected results.

3. Muscle-Builder

You may ask, “is muscle building directly correlated to weight loss?” While this can be a confusing claim for many, it is vital to understand that both may share similar intent.

As mentioned, boxing involves the intense use of all body parts during the activity. It then allows muscle building due to the need for damaged muscle fiber repairs which commonly occurs after strength workouts. Eventually, these muscle repairs add to muscle growth and thickness.

Muscle building may be significant in weight loss as it also plays a vital role in burning calories inside your body. How is this possible? Growing a muscle may require your body for more energy. As muscle mass increases during intense boxing workouts, it burns more fat to attend to the body’s energy needs and demands, which then can lead to weight loss.

4. Fitness Level Do Not Matter

Although boxing may seem like a rigorous workout activity for many, the fun and challenging time enables one to achieve more enjoyment and confidence as one aims for successful weight loss, whichever their current fitness level is. This can be an important factor as motivation plays a significant role in letting people appreciate the purpose of continuing the process. This is because boxing allows you to do it at your own time and pace.

In boxing, you can start with the basics, like regular punches, hooks, and foot works. As fitness levels may vary from one person to another, things like strength, balance, endurance, etc., can be improved over time.

You can go for more challenging boxing routines and techniques you find more comfortable doing. Thus, you can achieve significant weight loss progress as you go along longer in the routine.


Given all the above reasons, boxing indeed can be a good workout option for many people aiming for weight loss. Aside from it can be done at home, starting with easy boxing routines, one can also opt for professional boxing trainers offering private services to help achieve your fitness goals.

When needing additional info about boxing, you can always read journals or ask professional fitness coaches and trainers for insight into what to expect before, during, and after the activity. That way, you can experience a safe and healthier weight loss journey.

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