Say Goodbye to Your Fear of Math With the Help of Online Math Tutors

Say Goodbye to Your Fear of Math With the Help of Online Math Tutors

Many children and adults have a fear of math that stems from many factors, including a belief that they can’t succeed, poor teachers, lack of encouragement from parents, and more. This fear of math can prevent people of all ages from achieving mastery of basic and advanced skills, hindering their confidence and the potential to expand their career opportunities.

Hiring an online math tutor is one way to overcome this fear and succeed in areas of math that you never thought possible. has a wide variety of online math tutors who are skilled in different areas and different levels of math, including math for beginners, high school math, college math, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, and more. When you choose a math tutor from Eurekly, you can rest assured that you’re getting an experienced tutor who has the knowledge and capability to help you master your math challenges.

Why is Math So Hard?

For years, academics have explored the question of why math is so hard. Many articles indicate that math isn’t objectively hard, but rather, students approach it with fear, anxiety, and a belief that they won’t succeed, which ends up making it more difficult to learn. In fact, most students who struggle with math have the smarts and capability to succeed, but it’s subjective factors like fear, anxiety, and lack of confidence that hold them back.

According to the book, What’s Bugging You About Math?, fear of math can be overcome by acknowledging it, being willing to do something about it, and by getting the right support and help.

As such, if you are someone who wants to know how they can learn to understand and do complex math problems, you need to know that the first step is acknowledging your fear and making space for the belief that you indeed have the ability to succeed. Once you believe in yourself and understand that your previous failures don’t have to do with your capability, but rather, with your fear, you’ll be able to take the next step forward.

Why Hire an Online Math Tutor?

Hiring an online math tutor is one way to acknowledge your fear of math and seek help to overcome it. There are many aspects of online tutoring that can provide you with benefits that you never got in the classroom and that you’d be unlikely to find with a local, in-person tutor or adult education course.

Online tutors offer:

  • Patience and personal attention: Teachers in classrooms have to follow a curriculum and finish a certain amount of material in any given year. This doesn’t give them time to address the challenges of individual students. An online math tutor, on the other hand, has all the time in the world to address your unique challenges, thereby helping you face your fear and gain confidence when you see that you’re capable of solving problems you never before thought possible.
  • Convenience: With online tutors, you can schedule sessions at times that work for you—you don’t need to overturn your whole schedule to suit other people’s times. If you have a job or are in college, you can search for tutors who offer sessions that fit into your schedule. You can book regular weekly sessions or lessons on the fly.
  • Affordable lessons: Once you graduate high school, education becomes a lot more expensive. College and adult education courses can end up being very costly, whereas the tutors at offer competitive rates. You can even search for tutors on Eurekly based on their rates (as well as by other factors, like location, availability, specialty, and more). Another perk: many Eurekly tutors offer free trial lessons or money-back if you’re not satisfied with your first lesson.
  • Transparency: Online tutors on Eurekly are rated and reviewed by real-life users, so you know what you’re getting into when you sign up. Additionally, the website verifies all of the tutors on it, so you know you’re getting someone who’s been carefully vetted.

How Can Learning Math Improve Your Life?

There are many reasons to overcome your fear of math. If you haven’t mastered basic math skills, learning multiplication and algebra can help you when shopping, baking, budgeting, and more. If your skills are fairly advanced but there are certain concepts that you just can’t get, hiring a tutor to help can help you move on to higher education, get better grades, create more job opportunities, and more.

In general, when you master something that you’ve been struggling with, your confidence can soar. You can feel good about your math skills and in other areas of life.

There is no shame in seeking help—in fact, it’s praiseworthy. Seeking help is a prerequisite for succeeding in learning math. The trick is knowing where to find that help, and that’s what Eurekly is for.

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