Signs That The Filter In Your Air Conditioning Needs Replacing
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4 Signs That The Filter In Your Air Conditioning Needs Replacing

One thing you aren’t alone in is forgetting to change the air filter in your air conditioner. It happens to even the best and most meticulous people in the world today. When you fail, some signs will alert you to the need to change the filter.

Several factors play into when you need to change the filter in your air conditioner. For example, when you have severe allergies, you need to change them ever so often. If not, here are some signs that mean it’s time to change the air filter in your air conditioner.

1. The Air Isn’t Cold Enough

A dead giveaway that shows you need to change the air filter in your AC is when it blows warm air to the room. You may notice this when the air blowing isn’t the normal one you’re used to. There’s no way that a dirty filter allows refreshing cool air to go through.

You’ll be left there sitting in sweat as if you haven’t turned on the AC. This is when you need to ensure you check the air filter. Before you go to any repair guy if there’s warm air passing through doesn’t mean it’s spoiled.

After changing the filter and still you find the same problem persisting, you need to contact a sound technician. You can perform consistent replacements if the air filter is the problem without hiring anyone. It is a simple process that anyone can do.

2. More Dust Near the Vents

Another sign that you need to replace the air filter in your AC is when you see more dust near the vents. There can be some bit of dust around the vents, and that should be expected. But you need to check the other surfaces around to tell the difference.

If there’s more dust around those vents, you need to take a severe look at your air filter then. The surfaces you need to pay attention to, too, are the ones that are a bit further. It would be best if you have white sheets as you can easily see the dust on them.

When you do the white sheet test, you need to have the sheet at least five inches away from one vent. Then you can now switch on the AC and see if the sheet turns grey or maintains the color. The greyer the sheet turns, the more the need to change the filter in your AC.

3. Frequent Allergic Attacks

If you suffer from frequent allergic attacks, you need to be cautious about the filter in your AC. Other than dust, the other thing that can cling to the air filter is pet dander. And this makes for a bad combination when blown into the house.

These are pollutants blown out and leave an air that’s circulated and can be bad for anyone with allergies. This can be a misery for anyone who suffers from allergies as they will now happen frequently.

When you suffer from more allergies than you are accustomed to, you need to check the air filter in your AC. You can also start by doing the white sheet test. First, this will give you a workaround. The test is done only for an hour, so that shouldn’t be much time.

If your AC passes the white sheet test and the sheet isn’t grey, you probably need to see a doctor about the allergies. The thing about an AC is that it can impact your health positively or negatively. When the filter isn’t replaced, then you won’t be using it to improve indoor quality.

You can also add an air purifier on top of constantly cleaning the AC filter – or replacing it.

When to change the air filter in your air conditioner

4. Air Conditioning Unit is too Hot

Another sign that you need to replace the air filter in your AC is when you touch the unit and find it too hot. The only reason that is making your unit hot is when the filter is dirty. And that means the filter is probably overworking to give the proper air.

When the filter is dirty, it can’t work smoothly as the dust can congest the area. This makes the AC system work even more challenging. And the effects are felt on the unit as it overheats when it overworks than it should.

When you’re close to the unit, you may feel the warm air coming out of the back of the unit. When this becomes frequent, you may subject your AC to constant repairs. When it becomes a norm, the lifespan of the AC is severely reduced.

Lessen the work the AC has to do by changing the air filter as often as possible.

The air filter in your AC is a crucial component of how the AC works to give your house that cool air. You need to ensure you change the air filter as soon as you see any of the above-listed signs. It provides you with a healthy and cool house to live in.

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