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Simple Ways To To Adjust The Cutting Deck Of Your Husqvarna Ride On Mower

Many homeowners opt for a Husqvarna ride on mower above all other brands because they have a reputation of being quite reliable and long lasting. Like with any other mower, however, the key to evenly cutting your lawn is having the deck properly adjusted. For your Husqvarna, the deck should be slightly lower in the front then it is in the rear. The good news is that adjusting the cutting deck is actually quite simple – all it involves is fiddling with three of the four leveling adjustments that come with the mower.

Step 1: Park your ride on mower in a place that has level ground. Use the lever to raise the cutting deck to its highest position, then turn the ignition off and remove the key to prevent any chance of accidental starting. It is also a good idea to disconnect the battery and remove the spark plugs.

Step 2: Go to the front of the deck and measure, using a tape measure, the distance from the ground to the bottom edge of the deck. Then, go to the rear of the deck and measure the distance from the ground to the bottom edge. It should be about 1/8th of an inch lower in the front.

Step 3: Loosen the nut on the front of each adjustment lever using a wrench; they may be fairly tight if this hasn’t been done before. The adjustment levers should be located between the front wheels and in front of the cutting deck. The threaded end of the levers will be inserted into a metal bracket.

How to level riding mower deck

Step 4: Turn the nut on the inside of the bracket clockwise (to raise the front of the cutting deck) or counterclockwise (to lower the front of the deck). Make sure that you turn the nuts on both sides an equal number of turns, then tighten the front nut on each side and re-measure the distance.

Step 5: Measure the distance between the ground and the bottom edge of the cutting deck near the centre and to one side using a tape measure. Then, go over to the other side and measure the deck in the same manner. Both sides should be exactly the same distance from the ground.

Step 6: Find the link adjustment nut; it should be under the rear linkage on the side that you last measured. Turn this nut clockwise (to raise the side of the cutting deck) or counterclockwise (to lower the side of the deck) as necessary until the two sides are even with each other.

If you have been fortunate enough to purchase a Husqvarna ride on mower for use around your property, it is important that you make sure that the cutting deck has been properly adjusted (often, this is not the case when the mower has been first delivered). During the adjusting process, it is important to remember that the deck should be slightly lower in the front then it is in the rear; this will ensure an optimal level for your lawn. And if you have any questions, we’re sure that your owner’s manual will cover them.

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