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Social Media Trends that you need to know about

Social media has given business owners an amazing opportunity to attract the audience from all around the world towards your services or brand. You have two options; you either make the most out of this opportunity or you simply let it go in the hands of your competitors. And this fact is undeniable; the competition is immense out there.

This year is coming to an end, and you need to be all geared up for the next year. What strategies are you going to implement to make your business outstanding? How are you going to use social media podiums to make the most of your opportunities? Staying in knowledge about the various trends that come into light with every passing year is really important so that you can stay ahead or at least head to head with your competitors. So, here is a list of the top social media trends that are going to do magic to your business in the upcoming year.

1. Make your Social Media mobile-oriented

Snapchat and Instagram have taken the world by storm, and both of these apps are used through smartphones. Instagram can be accessed through the desktop, but hardly some viewers choose to open it through their laptops or PC. Similarly, Facebook generates 85% of its revenue through its mobile app. The stats make it clear to us that the users prefer smartphones.

Whatever you post on social media needs to mobile phone oriented. The trend of mobile phone usage is trending upwards, and there is no way that it is going to go down. Thus you need to focus on the mobile phone users more and more if you want to generate a lot of revenue.  

2. Don’t cut down platforms due to similarities

Okay so, I saying it out loud won’t make a difference that the reality is that Instagram and Facebook cheated Snapchat. They have made the story feature same, and that is quite irritating. But that does not make them the same, and that does not mean that you can cut down a social media platform out because it has same features. They are not same, and you need to keep that in mind. They all have different abilities and features. Moreover, each application has a different set of audience that you need to attract. Thus, don’t let go of any platform because it is offering you similar features. You need to focus on all the trending podiums.

3. Video Strategy is Strong

Video content is getting stronger with the passage of time. The Facebook ads which feature videos are trending immensely these days. It also helps in engaging more audience. If you do the video content right, there is nothing more attractive to make you earn the audience that you wish to attract.

Snapchat is one of the best apps because it is picture and video related and has a lot of celebrities and businesses, trending through it. Similarly, Instagram has extended its video limit to 1 minutes from 30 seconds which has given an amazing opportunity to business owners. You can sum up an entire content in one minute and deliver it to your audience without having to direct them to a link. Moreover, you can also post multiple videos within a single post which makes it even more wonderful. Thus, video content is hot and is trending immensely. Thus, you need to focus on creating more and more video content, if you wish to stand out.

Following these three simple trends on social media can keep your business growth through online means. More than half of your audience is generated through social media and online mediums. Therefore, you need to build your online reputation in a manner that it makes your business stand out in all possible ways.

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