Some Pretty and Simple Gift Ideas

By now all must have started your Diwali gift hunting. Rather than gifting your loved ones the same old mithai from the same shop that you buy every year, do something different this festive season. There are some really pretty and cool homemade options available which you can buy or can also prepare yourself at home.

Homemade gift options will certainly be the sweetest gift that family or loved ones would have ever received. If you’re still pondering what it can be then this article has come at a rescue for you at just the nick of time. If you’re busy with your business or job then also you don’t have to worry as customized handmade items for sale is available online. You can choose from a range of products from unique mithai boxes to exotic diyas.

Let’s discuss some handmade gift options which you gift your friends this festive season.

  1. Decorative Tray: In almost every Hindu house you will find a lot of diyas lighted during Diwali time. To put those diyas you will need a plate so gifting a decorative tray can be a good option. You will not have to shed a lot of money to do this yourself or buy online because a simple trick can decorate your plastic plate into a superb decorative piece of a tray.
  2. Table Lamp: Since Diwali is known as a festival of lights than there’s no better option than gifting a table lamp. A simple yet unique and decorative piece Lamp made from handicrafts will certainly be appreciated. You can easily make a lamp on your own using paper or other handicrafts but if your bosses have tightened your schedule with some extra targets then also you need not worry as a lot of variety in the lamps is easily available on various handmade shops online.
  3. Decorative Candles: You can easily make your own candles this Diwali with the help of recycling products like plastic bottle caps. They certainly look attractive and will be a fun to make it yourself. This can be the best Diwali gift as it is environment friendly as well.
  4. Decorative Festival Tray: Put up your crafts glove on and decorate a tray which cannot just display diyas but can also be used to present sweets to the guests and friends who come over to your place. This item remains in huge demand during festive seasons so without wasting anytime book your tray online at the earliest.
  5. Desi Sweets with a twist: If you still want to gift mithai only then you can gift the box of sweet but you can make the presentation differently. Wrap your barfi’s and ladoos with candy covers to make them look like chocolates. This will not just add a twist to your gift but will also make it unique from the others.

So make your Diwali more unique and personal by gifting handmade gifts. Once you do this then your family and friends will wait eagerly to see what you have in store the next time.

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