241543903 - Story Behind Meme

241543903 – Story Of This Popular Number (Heads in the Freezer)

241543903 – Curious to find this number’s story? Well, I also was curious when I found the popularity of this number. This is just not any other customer care number, but its a popular meme as well, known as “Heads in Freezers”. Let’s take a look at the story of 241543903 number.

David Horvitz is the creator of this popular meme “Heads in Freezers“. One of David’s friend “Mylinh” was having regular headaches and he suggested her to use the freezer, his friend was confused. Actually, David meant that his friend should put her head in a freezer, to get quick relief from headache. The number “241543903” was the combination of David’s fridge serial number and barcodes, including packages of soba noodles and edamame, present in the fridge at that time. Here’s the photo of David Horvitz, the creator of 241543903 meme:

241543903 - David Horvitz Creator of Head in a Freezer Meme

241543903 – David Horvitz Creator of “Head in a Freezer” Meme

A Brief Story About The Number 241543903?

241543903, commonly known as “Heads in Freezers” meme is a number which is associated with a viral photo meme, in which people are taking pictures with their heads in the freezer and then it is shared on online social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and more.

If you type this number “241543903” in search engines such as Google or Bing, you will see images of hundreds of people with their Heads in the Freezer.

If you are still confused that why there are people with their “Heads in the Freezer” and why this number “241542903” is showing such results, don’t be. In this post, we will cover everything about this meme, its creator and how this number got this much popular.

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When and How This “Head Inside Freezer” Meme Started?

It was 2009, when people started to notice this number 241543903 in one of the most popular social site: Tumblr. There were few individuals who have started tagging 241543903 with the text “Head Inside the Freezer“. When others started to find the creator of the meme, they found David Horvitz, an artist living in New York. He uploaded a picture with his head in the Freezer on his Flickr account SanPedroGlueSticks, titled 241543903.

After some days, people started noticing the same number “241543903” on Tumblr with a clear instruction for others to post it on all social networking sites. Here is the instruction “Take a photograph of your head inside a freezer. Upload the photo to the Internet. Tag the file with 241543903. The idea is that if you search for this cryptic tag, All the photos of heads in the freezers will appear. I just did one.” Not only the number 241543903 got popular, “241542903” also started getting viral, by the typo.

This phenomenon started getting viral in all over the world. People started clicking pictures with their heads in the freezer and then tagged it with the number “241543903” and then uploaded in on Orkut, Tumblr and many other sites. Some uploaded the image with the number “241542903” too. Not only that much, they started searching other’s images by entering the number “241543903” in search engines.

Brazil was the country in which the meme started showing huge popularity on Orkut, a popular social site of that time. Not many would know that Orkut was one of the most popular social networking site between the year 2004-2014. It was founded in 2004, dissolved in 2014 and in Apr 2022, again it was reactivated. Horvitz used fliers to promote this meme. He sent around hundred of fliers to his friend in Brazil, and later he handed those to strangers, especially young people. Internet wasn’t that much popular in those days, that’s how fliers worked and it became a popular meme in Brazil.

Horvitz was later interviewed, and then he explained that how he was sure of his idea to use the freezer to get rid of headache and then he suggested to one of his friend “Mylinh” to stick the head in the freezer. So how come the number “241543903” got popular? It was the serial number of his refrigerator as well as bar codes on a bag of edamame, frozen soba noodles that were kept in the freezeer. Combination of these two, made the number 241543903 popular.

David Horvitz – Where Is He Living & His Profession?

He is living in Los Angeles, United States of America and he is working as an American artist. His age is 40 years as of 2022. Horvitz uses photos, art books, performance art, watercolor, and mail art as mediums for his work. His published work includes: Xiu Xiu: The Polaroid Project (2007), Everything that can happen in a day (2010), and Sad, Depressed, People (2012).

Pictures Of 241543903 – Heads In A Freezer Meme

Let’s take a look at the some of the photos of viral heads in a freezer meme:


Old Man – Head in the Freezer


Blue Shirt Guy – Head in the Freezer


Hot Girl – Head in the Freezer


Girls Head in the Freezer Meme


Smiling Guy – Head in the Freezer


Grey Shirt Guy – Head in the Freezer

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