Features Of The iPhone X

The 6 Best Features Of The iPhone X

After the long waiting game and months of leaks and rumors circling around about what the latest iPhone would look like and features it boasts, it has finally come. It certainly exceeded every tech junkie and loyal Apple consumers since the company not just released the much expected iPhone 8 and 8 Plus but also its unforeseen flagship phone: the iPhone X.

iPhone X is arguably the most magnificent and forward-thinking smartphone Apple has ever produced. As predicted, it comes with a hefty price tag however, the few extra bucks pay for a new design and improved specifications. From its impressive and sleek design to its fast and smooth processor, here are the most notable features the iPhone X offers:

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1. Face ID Unlocking

Fingerprint unlocking is so 2016. Though Face ID unlocking is a feature already available for other smartphones, Apple jumped on the train and introduced this latest feature of the iPhone X.

The technology scans a detailed map of the user’s face which then recognizes it for the match before unlocking. Apple claims the feature will work even when the user wears glasses, a hat, or even when wearing makeup on. It’s a step further for strengthening privacy and security.

Features Of The iPhone X

2. Animoji

An interesting and possibly the unexpected highlight of the launching that no one foreseen was the ‘animoji’. The feature ties with the technology of facial recognition.

Animoji lets users capture their emotions as represented by silly emojis such as a panda or a dog, after which you can send to your family or friends. It accurately and closely copies the expressions the user makes down to the slightest head tilts.

3. Edge-to-edge Super Retina OLED Display

One of the best features the iPhone X boasts is its full-length screen made even more elegant with its crisp and vibrant display that is Super Retina OLED (Organic LED). This means better resolution. Apple finally made the move to ditch the home button and embraced the 3D Touch technology entirely.

Don’t panic: swiping up from the bottom display of the screen brings you to the home screen. There are other gestures intended for different functions you’ll soon learn once you get your hands on the iPhone.

4. Better Camera

A new dual-lens system on the rear accompanies the flagship smartphone. The iPhone X has 12-megapixel sensors, the same as the iPhone 7 Plus; a dual optical image stabilization, and a handful of other improvements that allow the users to take better quality photos. In addition, the iPhone X has more different lighting options for Portrait mode which a lot of users will like.

5. Wireless Charging

Apple has finally raced head-to-head with its competitors: the iPhone X supports wireless charging that is compatible with most if not all products already available in the market.

The big surprise, though, is Apple having their own wireless charging mat that says to be capable of juicing up an iPhone X, AirPods, and an Apple Watch all at once.

6. Faster Processor

Powered by a new A11 Bionic chip, the iPhone X runs a fast processor which will provide users an improved gaming and augmented reality experience; higher quality images and videos; and overall a smooth experience in terms of performance.

It sure looks good in writing, even better when you feel the sleek smartphone on your hands. It’s a no brainer: Apple has been killing it with smartphone design for years and with the iPhone X’s new and improved features, loyal customers will drool over the elegant piece.

We hope this post helps you decide if you’re currently debating whether or not to get Apple’s latest innovation—the iPhone X.

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