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Things to Consider Before Choosing Outdoor Tiles

Outdoor tiles come in various shapes and sizes which not only enhance the beauty of the backyard but also is a great option for an outdoor area which is exposed to natural elements. If you choose the right type and fitting of your outdoor patio, it can withstand extreme weathers and convert your outdoor living space into an elegant and decent place to hang out.

Outdoor patios are available in different materials, each having a scope of endless designs and textures to choose from. The installation of the outdoor tiles is not a difficult task and requires low maintenance. However, it is mandatory to ensure the tiles being installed are specifically built for outdoors so that it can withstand the exposure to the elements of the outdoor region.

To turn your leisure outdoor space into a mesmerising backyard sanctuary, you can consider the following guidelines to pick the best suitable outdoor tiles for your backyard:

The durability of the tiles is very important as it will be exposed to natural elements. Thus, before selecting the outdoor tiles of your choice make sure they are able to withstand the elements exposed to it. The ceramic tiles are not recommended as they are soft in nature and may not be able to withstand harsh weather, however, outdoor tiles made of granite, marble, clay, limestone, slate and so on are some good options to choose from. There are many colours and shades available in these materials which can ensure durability and elegance, both at the same time.

Outdoor tiles should not be able to absorb water easily. If the region where the tiles are installed experiences drastic variations in temperature then you have to make sure that tiles used are water-repellent. This means that they should not absorb water or else the water absorbed might freeze at low temperature, which may damage the tiles and cause the flooring to crack. For enduring harsh temperature changes, you can consider porcelain outdoor tiles which have low water absorption quality.

Outdoor tiles should be slip-resistant. It means they should provide adequate grip to your feet so that you did not slip and fall. If the outdoor tiles are not abrasive, they may get wet and slippery and invite fatal accidents. Since outdoor tiles are large in shape, they have less number of grout lines (which help in providing friction and grip), so you have to look for the appropriate tile which is slightly abrasive.

Outdoor tiles

If required, you can also apply a sealant to your outdoor tiles to complete the project and give flooring a complete appearance. The sealant protects the tiles from stains and moisture and prevents the tiles from absorbing water as well. You can also consult an expert or the installers of the tiles for applying sealant as the final touch onto your outdoor tiles. Porcelain and ceramic tiles have sealant applied to it by default, so those tiles are an excellent option for your outdoor lawn without any doubt. Other tiles made up of stone materials may require sealant to make them water and stain repellent. So before taking any decision, do consider the manufacturer’s advice.

You can also consider light and dark shades of tiles according to the lighting settings in your lawn or backyard. If it is bright and sunny in the morning and well-lit at nights as well, then you can go for darker tones of tiles. However, if it is shady in the morning and dark in the evening as well, then you can choose from lighter shades of outdoor tiles. Ceramic and porcelain tiles, both come in various shades ranging from light to dark, so you have numerous options and shades to choose from.


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