Tips for a Day of Golf

Tips for a Day of Golf

Ah, the old sport of golf — rolling green hills, blue skies, and whacking things with iron all day long. There’s something about the Scottish pastime that speaks to certain people, and for good reason: It has a quiet, focused energy that can be calming. If you need a change of scenery from your living room, here are some tips for making a day on the links even better.

Improve Your Swing

They always say that practice makes perfect, and 18 holes give you plenty of time to hone your craft. Here are three simple yet foolproof methods for improving your swing:

  • Add strips of lead tape to balance the golf club. This can give the head of your driver just enough extra weight to straighten its balance, and it’s a safe and legal method to do so. Golfers have been using lead tape for years to play a more balanced game.
  • As Gold Five told us in Star Wars, “Stay on target…stay on target…” In other words, pick a target and aim for it. This might seem like a simple tip, but it’s key when you want to drive a straight shot.
  • Similarly, remember your stance. People from all walks of the game can benefit from reminding themselves to stand still, straight, and loosen their grip on the club.

Whether you’re a rookie or a seasoned player, you should always be working on the way you swing. It is, after all, a key element to playing and winning. Use the time you’re at the course to get better every time.

Spend Safe Time With Friends

One of the best parts about a day of golf is that it’s outdoors and naturally a social distant activity. Golf is an activity best shared, so gather your friends and bust out the clubs. It can be beneficial in fostering friendships; bonding over a shared interest is a surefire way to keep conversations flowing. Additionally, meeting somewhere other than a home or restaurant is a refreshing change of scenery, and it gives you all a chance to spend time together while staying safe.

Soak Up the Sun

When Mama shoved you outside to go play, she wasn’t only trying to get you out of her hair for a minute. Studies show that vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, is especially important in staying healthy and fighting off viruses and colds. As you partake in the ritual of driving around in a golf cart and adding lead tape to your clubs, remember that being outside in the sun is also super beneficial to your health. Stay a while and enjoy it, and remind everyone else that golf is keeping you healthy — it’s not like you’re lying.

Enjoy the Day

Everybody needs something to look forward to, no matter how big or small. If golfing is something that makes you happy, by all means, partake away. There are worse ways to spend your time than enjoying outdoor time with friends and being under the blue sky.

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