Top 5 Questions To Include In Socio Demographics Surveys

The Top 5 Questions To Include In Socio Demographics Surveys

If you’re coming up with a socio demographics survey for your business, you need to make sure you ask the right questions so you can learn the correct information about your target market. If you ask the wrong questions, you won’t get the answer that you need to properly conduct research for your business. Without learning the important information for your business, you will not be able to know how to create your marketing strategy, how to reach your target market, how to efficiently broadcast products, and how to communicate with your ideal client.

Learning the must-know information for your customers is key to being able to learn more about your target market’s age, background, socioeconomic status, beliefs, and much more! Let’s see the basic questions that you should include on socio demographics surveys for your business to effectively learn more about your population, target market, and individual consumers. See more on how to take socio demographics surveys for your business’s purpose.

The most important questions to ask in your socio demographics surveys for your business!

What gender do you identify?

If you want to know about the gender of your target market, you need to know more than just if the person is a biological man or woman. Make sure you are respectful, considering people are identifying as either a man, woman, nonbinary, transgender, and much more. You can learn more about how people think of themselves, what they identify as, and the representation of queer and transgender people in your target market by asking them about what they identify as.

What is your age?

The next question you should ask when it comes to using socio demographics surveys for your business is the age of your target market. If you find the majority of your customers are between the age of 20-25, you should set your marketing, products, and services towards millennials and Generation Z users. If you find that the majority of your target market is over 50 years old, then you need to change your language and your imaging.

Please include your ethnicity

Another question that you should ask in your socio demographics surveys is the ethnicity of the person who is filling out the questions. Make sure you include enough potential answers by adding a blank space for someone to fill in the answer themselves to a “less common “ ethnicity.

Where are you located?

The next question to ask is whether the person is located – this can either be a temporary location (i.e. theory they are living somewhere for a summer) or a permanent location (i.e. where is their permanent residence?).

What is your education level?

When it comes to asking questions about an education background or current education, make sure you stay neutral and unbiased. You don’t want people to think you are judging them based on their education. Instead, solely ask the highest degree of education that a person has completed.


By knowing the types of questions that you should include on your socio demographics surveys, you can learn the most important information regarding your target market. Make sure you learn about the person’s age, location, background, and ethnicity to learn how you should tailor your marketing efforts!

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