Tips to Keep Your Horse Happy

Tips for Keeping Your Horse Happy

If you are lucky enough to have an equine friend, you know it’s important to keep her happy and healthy. Horses are beautiful creatures and each one has a unique personality. There are some actions that almost every horse will appreciate, so read on to learn some steps you can take to give your horse a happy life.

Provide Plenty of Grooming 

Grooming is an essential part of horse maintenance. Horses love to scratch each other as it shows affection and also provides relief. You can brush and scratch your horse and it will strengthen your bond and help keep her healthy. You want your horse’s skin to be clean and maintained so you can find and address any issues – bug bites, injuries, etc. Brushing and keeping up your horse’s mane keeps it healthy, too. You can use this grooming time to decide if your friend needs any special items such as a coat or leg protection. If you need to stock up on anything, just search online for discount horse supplies and outfit your horse properly.

Provide Plenty of Exercise 

Most horses thrive on movement. Exercise keeps your horse’s body strong and mobile, and it also keeps her insides happy. Ample movement keeps your horse’s digestive system in good working order and it boosts her circulation, ensuring her feet receive plenty of blood to stay strong. It’s clear that exercise is important to your horse’s overall health – both physically and emotionally. Whether you want to give her a job or just let her run in an open yard, keeping up activity levels is essential. Horses love the enrichment provided by physical movement and learning, so keep her moving.

Provide Plenty of Quality Food 

Just like you, your horse wants and needs good food. Though your horse may not be bored by eating the same thing day in and day out, it’s still important for you to ensure that they are receiving the proper nutrients. Your horse requires six basic nutrient categories: carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, and water. Make sure your friend gets plenty of healthy feed in addition to roughage and clean water. Roughage helps keep your horse’s gut happy and fresh water helps keep your horse hydrated. Clean water should be available to your friend at all times.

Horses are smart, loving creatures, so take care of yours well. The care you put into your equine friendship will repay you time and time again.

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