Tips to Choose Comfortable Shoes for Work

5 Tips to Choose Comfortable Shoes for Work


Workplaces themselves are stressful with strict bosses, approaching deadlines, and new experiences. Imagine having to deal with all the hustle and bustle at work with uncomfortable shoes that leave your feet damaged for the next day. Not a good idea, right? Yes, you want to be fashionable and want your shoes to match your outfits, but uncomfortable shoes are not the way to go!

Not only do such shoes act as a hurdle in your everyday work routine, but they can also leave you with serious orthopedic injuries in the long run. So why go through all the trouble when you can find comfortable and work-friendly, and trendy shoes?

Are you wondering how? Well, shoe brands out there manufacture a ton of different types of shoes. Each season a new product line is launched with numerous options to choose from. So the market is quite vast, which means you can easily find comfortable workplace shoes which are in style in 2020.

What to look for while choosing a work Shoe?

If you need help defining which shoes would be comfortable for work, then you have landed at the right spot. Today in this article, we are going to be discussing some of the best tips that can help you choose comfortable shoes for work. Let us go ahead and jump right into them.

1. Stiff Back

If you are getting heels for the workplace, as we know that wearing heels is a requirement at certain workplaces for women, then the first thing you need to check is whether the heel area is stiff enough. To do so, hold the heel in one hand and the top portion of the shoe in the other. Now try and move the heel from side to side; if it moves, this is not the pair for you, but if it doesn’t, then that means the heel will stay in place when you walk with it – making it comfortable for you to enjoy.

If possible, try to opt for some other type of shoes for work as heels aren’t the ideal option for individuals who need to walk around a lot at work. You can go with sneakers, boots, dress shoes, sandals, etc. In case you are going for heels, make sure they are only 2-3 inches long.

2. Torque

The rigid base of the shoe can hurt the base of your feet. So, it is best to invest in shoes that come with a bit of torque. Yes, you won’t need your shoes to stay in shape, but a bit of twist can help it fit according to the shape of your feet. To check the torque, hold both the ends of the shoe in your hands and give it a little twist. If the shoe twists a little, it is a comfortable pair to invest in.

3. Bends

You might have seen that your feet are not flat. There is a bit of blend in between your toes and your ankle. Since you are going to be moving around a lot at work, so you are going to be using your toes a lot. So, get the shoes that bend where your toes bend. This way, the shoes will perfectly mimic the shape of the feet and not the other way around.

4. Arch Support

Arch support in shoes is very important. As said earlier, you don’t want your feet to mimic the design of the shoe. Instead, you want the shoe to mimic the shape of your feet, so it feels as if it is a part of your feet and not a burden on your feet. A comfortable shoe will come with arch support, and if not, then you can invest in arch support and add it to your shoe to make it more comfortable.

5. Wide

We all own a pair of heels that make our toes curl up because they are too narrow from the top. Although they look good but at the same time also leave your toes with injuries, and you do not want that. So, to find comfort in your shoes for the workplace, make sure that the shoes that you are investing in are wide enough from the toes and allows your toes to easily slip in and out from the sleeve without pushing or curling them.

Make sure that the toe part of the shoes isn’t too wide as well. Because it is too wide, it would leave you with a slippery pair of shoes. So, try the pair out first to check whether they are too narrow or too wide for your feet. Don’t take the word of the salesperson there because you might end up with the wrong pair by the day end.


It is often best to go and buy comfortable shoes in person from a physical store instead of ordering online. Yes, brands these days tend to mention every bit of detail on their eCommerce site, but you can never test run the shoes before buying. So, opt for physical stores if possible and walk around in the shoes for a while. The right activewear or heels would fit right away and will let you experience effortless walking. You can also try Delta 8 gummies to take away a portion of the stress.

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