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Top 5 Men’s Underwear Questions You Were Afraid to Ask

Men have been wearing underwear for centuries. The earliest recorded undergarment for men was a strip of leather worn to cover the loins. Yes, it was called the loincloth many centuries later.

In the 21st century, men have many more options when it comes to their under clothing. There are boxers, briefs, boxer briefs, long johns, and even men’s sexy underwear.

With the improved number of options for the guys come some very important questions. Some guys are even afraid or at least shy to ask them—so we’re answering them here.

Question #1 – Which Style Of Underwear Should I Wear?

The most common styles of men’s underwear today are boxers, briefs, boxer briefs, and men’s sexy underwear, including thongs. The type of underwear you’re going to put on depends on several factors:

  • Level of support you need
  • What pants you’re going to put on
  • The type of activity you’re going to have
  • Your body type
  • What you’re comfortable with

If all you’re going to do is stroll around the block or just stay at home, boxers will work quite well. They don’t provide much support, but they’re awfully comfortable.

If you’re going out for sports or the gym, boxer briefs or briefs will look good with tight pants on. They also provide better support when you move around.

When you sleep at night, and maybe you want to tease your significant other, you might want to put on men’s sexy underwear—mesh or sheer fabrics offer great comfort, and they tend to spice things up under the sheets.

Choose the style of underwear according to the factors detailed above.

Question #2 – How Often Should You Wash Your Briefs And Underwear?

The short and simple answer is that you should wash your underwear when they get dirty. You should change them every day, and if you go to the gym or get sweaty, change them and wash your underwear as soon as you can.

Question #3 – How Many Should I Buy?

It basically depends on how much physical activity you do in a week. That means the more active guys out there will need more since they will need to change into fresh underwear after workouts and other strenuous activities.

Best practice dictates that guys should have underwear at least enough for three weeks. That way, you don’t have to wash them that frequently each month. Remember that the more you wash your underwear, the faster they wear out.

Question #4 – Should I Throw Them Away?

There is no room for sentimental value when it comes to men’s underwear. Best practice dictates that men should dispose of their undergarments after a year of use.

You’ll know that you have to throw them away when your underwear starts to go saggy, jaded, and faded.

Question #5 – Which Fabric?

There are several types of fabric used in the manufacturing of men’s undergarments. The most common ones are cotton, Lycra, spandex, silk, modal, and nylon. If you’re shopping for men’s sexy underwear, find ones made of silk.

Some men’s underwear is fashioned with a mix of different fabrics. Cotton offers excellent breathability, and it is the least expensive option. Modal is made from a type of semi-synthetic cellulose fibre.

If you’re looking for fabrics for colder climates, then go for thermals like wool. If you’re going to do some sports, anything with spandex or other stretchable material will work nicely.

If you’re in the market for men’s underwear, remember to get the ones based on your needs. You should also get the ones of the right style and material you’re comfortable with.


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