Men's Casual Belts Styles

Casual Belt Styles: Where To Buy Them

Belts are an understated part of a man’s wardrobe. From complimenting your shoes and holding your outfit together to making a statement, belts can help add a punch to your style. Most men have never been taught how to style casual belts with their wardrobes. Additionally, casual belts are hard to find since most brands don’t focus on them. Fortunately, today you can find the most extensive collection of men’s casual belts to choose from. This article will shed light on the most popular men’s casual belts and how to style them.

Understanding How To Style A Casual Belt

Styling a casual belt is not limited by the clothes you’re wearing, unlike formal belts that need to match your suit’s tone. Moreover, casual belts are meant to be visible and attract attention, while formal belts remain hidden.

Men’s casual belts give you the option of creating your unique style statement by combining an offbeat colour, such as red, with an over-the-top silver buckle. But a few points need to be kept in mind while stocking up on your belts:

  1. Accent Pieces – Casual belts that fall under this category tend to be muted in design, gently complimenting the clothes you’re wearing. When selecting an accent piece, try and look for belts that work well with your body’s other colours. The shade of the buckle should match the shades of your watch and cufflinks. On the other hand, a diminutive sleek ribbon belt with an unobtrusive buckle can spice up any casual look.
  2. Centrepiece belts – If you’re the person who can carry off a raging style statement with confidence, trying on a gaudy big-buckled belt might be the perfect choice for you. Centrepiece belts have more soul – they’re colourful, stylish, and come fitted with massive buckles that cry for attention. For a more nuanced look, keep your outfit toned down with simpler colours and fashion. This will allow your belt to shine as the centre of your style statement truly.
  3. Size of the belts – Just because you’re into fashionable belts, it doesn’t mean you can pick up anything from the flea market downtown. There are specific guidelines to follow when buying belts. Firstly, the width of the belt should not exceed one and a half inches. The belt size needs to be accurately measured to avoid having to make your holes. When buying leather, look for belts that don’t wrinkle when bent. Lastly, add multiple kinds of belts to your wardrobe. Instead of sticking to the same old black leather one, add a few more options, such as woven belts, rodeo belts, studded belts, and ribbon belts.

Different Styles Of Men’s Casual Belts

Casual Belt Styles

  1. Monochrome braided belts – These belts come in a single tone of colour but with added texture due to the braiding. They go well with the classic riviera look of a tucked-in polo shirt and matching chinos.
  2. Multi-coloured braided belts – Instead of sticking to the usual black and brown, some braided belts use multiple coloured threads to give a more edgy look.
  3. Ribbon belts – Ribbon belts with a touch of leather in the front are classic men’s casual belts. They can act as ice-breakers at any event, as these belts are sure to catch anyone’s eyes.
  4. Leather-made casual belts – Unlike their formal counterparts, these leather belts are thicker, snappier, and durable. The natural colours and breadth make it an ideal option for those looking to take their semi-formal attire up a notch. To get this style right, you need to select the right brand.
  5. Rodeo belts – Rodeo belts are stamped leather belts with accentuated designs and patterns. These patterns are either cut or stamped via a machine to create an attractive texture. These belts work well with leather boots and an overall redneck look.

Having a stylish wardrobe cannot be deemed complete until you have a collection of men’s casual belts to go with all your attires. By choosing the right brand and style, these belts can spice up your look and help you stand out from the crowd.


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