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Various Features to Look for in Driveway Gates

If you own a car and a garage, then you have a driveway too. If there is fence structure around the home, you will need fence gate along with the driveway gate to fit your car. A fence gate is not enough to accommodate or fit the car. But, when it comes to choosing a driveway gate, you cannot just choose any gate and install.

There Are Various Factors That Need Consideration

Large sturdy metallic driveway gates are a suitable choice in the metropolitan cities where the crime rate is so high. Wooden gates are also suitable options but they are expensive and may rot or decay easily. Wrought iron and steel gates are a popular choice nowadays. But, if you want to choose something lighter, you can choose the aluminum gate. Aluminum is a material which is widely used in weight sensitive sectors and industries like ships and aircrafts and now they are also making their ways to homes.

The function of gates seems to have changed in recent years. Previously, they were used simply to divide or demarcate properties and lands but now they have become a security essential. Whether it is a driveway gate, entrance or garage gate, they offer more security in the current times due to the use of modern technology. For instance, driveway gate of aluminum comes with advanced security features like automatic control panel, alarm feature and inbuilt microphone, camera and speaker. When such features are used in the gates, they are more expensive. If you choose a wrought iron or steel gate with such features, the price will be really high.

The Different Kinds of Driveway Gates

If you have enough space, you can choose slide driveway gate which is the best option. When compared to the swing gates, the slide driveway gate lasts for a long time. The weight in the gate is distributed evenly and so it lasts for a long time. It also tends to maximize the efficiency of safety tools and safety devices as it eliminates various dead zones. Dead zones are common when you use swing gates. In fact, dead zones are not covered by various safety devices like video cameras and others.

Apart from sliding gates, there may be various other kinds of driveway gates like swing gates, overhead driveway gates and also retractable slide gates. Several materials may be used to manufacture driveway gates including Redwood which is lighter, stronger, durable and weather resistant. Other options can be wrought iron and vinyl. Gate frame must be made up of steel material as it is durable enough to hold the entire structure of the gate.

Tips to Choosing the Driveway Gate

The installation of driveway gate is pretty expensive and so steps must be taken to maintain it. Do not choose an ordinary manufacturer of gate supplying cheap gates. You should choose only a reputed supplier and manufacturer of driveway gate. Better gates will last for a long time and prevent sagging. Make sure the chosen gate has three horizontal rails. The outer frame will support the entire frame of the gate while the diagonal brace allows delaying the gate sagging. A strong gate when used for the driveway will provide more security. There must be the use of stronger bolts when fixing the hinges for greater durability.

As the driveway gate is exposed to external factors, it needs more care and maintenance. Care and caution must be assumed to safeguard the gate from chipping and cracking. You may apply water repellent preservative in order to prevent mildew infection.

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