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How to Select Glass Door Accessories

Indian homes traditionally did not have big windows or doors. This was largely due to the hot or extreme cold weather conditions. Homes were designed to be cosy, to retain warmth in winters and keep out the scorching sun in summers. But technology has changed that. With AC units becoming common, we are better able to control temperatures within homes.

This has given rise to wide windows and glass doors. The lack of personal courtyards and shrinking urban spaces has further brought in the need for open homes. Glass doors achieve this by opening up our home to the outside. Consequently, we are now seeing brisk trade for glass door and glass door accessories manufacturers.

There are many accessories that one needs for glass doors and these differ from one location to another. For instance, you may need a locking mechanism on the balcony door, but not one at the shower door. Some of the accessories available are:

  • Patch fittings
  • Door handles
  • Floor springs
  • Hinges
  • Sliding systems
  • Door rails
  • Glass supports and so on

Although the word accessory denotes an ornamental touch, in the case of glass doors, all accessories are highly functional. Hence, it is important that we take our time in selecting a glass door fittings manufacturer. Here are our tips in selecting the right supplier:

Decide your requirements

As mentioned above, there are many kind of door accessories and there are many reasons why we are looking for one. Your requirement for a shower cubicle glass door and that of the French windows will be very different. For the shower cubicle you may need extra towel rods, while for the balcony door you may be looking for sliding rails. We suggest that you make a list of all your requirements before you start the hunt.

Choose the material

There are many materials used when it comes to glass door accessories. However, the most common is stainless steel. But if you have any other specifications, decide beforehand. Usually glass doors come under a more modern or contemporary look. The clean, clear and minimalistic lines of glass door are most suited to that kind of design consciousness. Materials like stainless steel or chrome are in fitting with this decor style.

You must also look for a material that is durable and sturdy. Strength is especially important when we are looking for hinges and other glass door supporters, since these parts are tasked with supporting the heavy glass door. Keep in mind that failures can mean the heavy glass door falling and shattering. So, a little care here is imperative.

The budget

This is always an important factor when making important purchases. We want a beautiful home, but we don’t necessarily want to break the bank! Fortunately, glass door accessories are not likely to cause a huge dent. However, keep an estimate ready and then identify the best that is available. You are not necessarily looking for the biggest and most expensive. Many glass door fittings manufacturers today belong to the SME sector. But as we mentioned above, these are important accessories. So, try not to be too stingy!


The location of the door is also an important consideration. Glass doors of a shower cubicle are exposed to multiple corrosive factors like moisture and harsh soaps. One must, therefore, look for material that has a high ability to withstand corrosion. Material like stainless steel is usually used here because of its high resistance to corrosive factors. Similarly, doors that open to outdoor spaces like balcony are subjected to environmental elements like rain and sun. Any accessories we choose must account for such factors.


Usually the choice here is simple because we are looking for fairly simply sleek pieces. However, glass door accessories manufacturers are today coming up with new designs and looks. It is worthwhile to go through a few portfolios to decide the design that appeals to you. The manufacturer website is usually a good place to start.


Like any manufactured item, it is important to determine the quality of the piece before selecting. AN easy way to do this is through checking the required compliance to manufacturing standards like ISO. This tells you that the company is reliable and has gone through quality checks.


Glass door accessories manufacturers are today coming up with new and improved designs. Decide on your requirements and ensure that all parts are corrosion resistant.


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