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Vintage Wallpaper – A Retro Revival

As a passionate follower of everything that has to do with interior design, over the years I have noticed that all trends, no matter how big or small, how long or short-lived, are cyclical.  Like for clothing or furniture, elements from previous decades come and go out of fashion as designers draw inspiration from the past to come up with something new. Part of it is generational: as each generation grows older, it starts to crave for the everything that they grew up with. Whether it’s food, old TV programmes or design patterns, the past has a powerful allure. Currently we are witnessing a strong renaissance of elements from the 1970s and 1980s making a comeback.

This is partly fuelled by the many TV series that are being broadcasted on our screens by companies like Netflix or HBO. Never shy of trying out new formats and concepts, many series have been set in those decades, recreating a faithful rendition of the 1980s suburban American (I am thinking for example at “Stranger Things”, now in its third season) or of the Soviet Union, like in the incredibly harrowing HBO TV drama “Chernobyl”.

If you, like me, have been watching this shocking TV series (and you should), you couldn’t help to marvel on how incredible is the recreation of an era in time in the ’80s Ukraine, when the wallpaper seemed to have been pervasive.

While gripped by the unfolding events being narrated, I couldn’t help to be impressed by the fact that many scenes set in a Ukraine environment seemed to feature a crazy 1970s print on the walls, each more extravagant than the next and often matching the furniture. Shows like this are helping to fuel a strong revival of vintage wallpaper.

Vintage wallpapers tend to hold a special place in the hearts of wallpaper lovers. Thanks to their unique designs and timeless patterns they trigger memories of a time long gone and create a unique atmosphere and vibe. It’s no surprise that they have been sought after by those who seek to recreate an environment where one can automatically connect to a very specific time and look.

Trying to fetch an actual vintage wallpaper from that era is not recommended for many reasons. First of all, it can be quite difficult to find rolls in good shape. Often, they have been sitting in a dusty storage space for decades, a long forgotten leftover stock from another era. The damage done by time, humidity and having been stored in less than ideal conditions for decades might not be visible at first as the roll could look in perfect conditions. It’s only after you purchase them and start to unroll them to start your decorating project that the damage might become apparent, in the form of unpleasant mould spots, yellowing or unsightly discolouration.

There is also a health aspect that might come into play as nobody wants old mould spores in the house. as well. A further problem might arise only during the wallpapering process as decades of sitting in storage do not improve the adhesive quality of the carrier material, making it difficult to hang it properly.

Luckily it is nowadays possible to purchase brand new, vintage and retro design wallpaper from online retailers, which stock a vast selection of high-quality retro wallpapers. The designs on offer are remarkably close to the original vintage wallpapers, often just slightly updated to please the modern taste. Retro wallpaper manages to combine the great design and patterns of vintage models with all the advantages of modern manufacturing techniques. This means that its quality, safety standards and breathability are infinitely better.

If you are also caught up in this vintage frenzy and are planning to add some retro flavour to the walls of your home, quality retro wallpaper is a recommended alternative for all those seeking the allure of vintage design but are not prepared to compromise on the quality and safety aspects.

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