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Watch Out for These 5 Living Room Decorating Mistakes

Your living room plays a crucial role in bringing the whole family together. Most of the golden moments that you spend happily with your children and spouse take place in this space. Not only just your dear ones either, but also other guests spend quality time there. So, this area in your home needs to be attractive, comfortable and appealing.

If you are thinking of revamping it, then take a look at the following top decorative mistakes that people often make whilst transforming the central room of their home.

Missing a focal point

Decorating a living room without setting a focal point is like cutting corners. When your guests walk into the room, it is the first thing that catches their eye. To understand it better, think of a church without a pastor. Everything is at its place – the altar, sanctuary lamp, credence table, candles, holy oils, statues, pulpit, sacristy, but the main thing is missing.

Any attractive thing that are enough to impress your guest with its charm could be the focal point like an attractive artefact, a designer, mirrored radiator or a pendant light etc.

Missing the feel of a home

This is perhaps the biggest mistake committed by most people whilst sprucing up their dwelling. Some living rooms have a kind of attraction or a positive energy that enamour us to stay there for some more time. Let us explain this to you a bit more clearly – when you drive out to someone’s house, it has such a wonderful grace that you want to be there for more time.

On the other hand there are some apartments which do not have any feel or vibe to them and therefore you do not feel comfortable staying there for long. This is because there is lack of a positive and friendly feel in the space. No matter how much money you spend on decoration, the soul-touching feel comes from the right selection of the things and their perfect combination.

Deciding the lighting in the last

Most of the people think that there is no need of replacing the lights whist making decorative changes in the living area or if there is a need, it can be left for last bit after deciding all the knick-knacks. If you are one of those people thinking along the same lines, then let us tell you that you are wrong.

Lighting should never come last in your list. These are the key objects for your room’s beauty which glorify the space. The right selection of lights is as important as anything else or may be more than that. So make sure that you have got a flexible lighting scheme that can create a pleasant environment.

Overlooking the colour scheme

Colours are the most beautiful gift of nature that can add life to any uninteresting or unromantic object but the thing that matters here is the right selection of colours. Overlooking the colour scheme is a mistake often made whilst decorating a room. People think separately for the colour of their walls and furniture instead of thinking about a perfect colour scheme for the entire room.

Whilst designing a room with furniture from wall to wall or from floor to ceiling, perfect colour shades can have an uplifting affect that reflects your personality. So always go for bright and vibrant colours that balance the tones of the furniture, ceiling and the walls and make your room look harmonious.

Lacking layout

Coming up with a logical layout is the first thing to begin with for the execution of an A to Z process. Before starting the transformation, decide on the complete design, number of furniture items, colour scheme, and the lightings for your family space. Make a full plan of everything and then work accordingly. It would not only be easy on your pocket but make your living area look better.

For example, if you want to make your room look spacious, then remove some extra furniture articles and choose light colour theme, and if you want an interesting and colourful room then choose low slung modular sofa with variety of colours having cosy seating position.

Stitches on time saves nine, similarly keeping the above-mentioned things in mind while planning for change will surely help you have a nice and wonderfully renovated room.

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