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5 Easy Additions That Take Your Outdoor Space From OK to Awesome

Tired of looking out your yard and seeing the same boring look every day? Would you like to spice it up and dial up your home’s kerb appeal?

There are creative and easy ways to do so.

Turn up the visual volume

If you want to change the look of your front yard and have no idea how, don’t worry. There are several ways to add more pizzazz and personality to your home façade.

Transform your ordinary-looking outdoor space from blah to breathtaking by installing extra elements. Use simple and easy-to-fit embellishments so you can make your home’s frontage look so much better.

Here are 5 examples that you can choose from to turn your outdoor space from OK to awesome:

1. Freestanding Letterbox

There are a variety of letterboxes that you can choose from. Among these types are freestanding ones that you can easily order and efficiently install in your front yard.

For example, you can have a pillar-type freestanding letterbox that can be your all-in-one solution to glamming up your frontage while having your parcels and documents safely delivered and stored when you’re not home to receive them.

These mailboxes usually come with a lock, keeping your mail safe and private from prying eyes.

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2. Outdoor Lighting

Another type of outdoor enhancement that can certainly add kerb appeal is the addition of outdoor landscape lighting.

You can certainly light up your front yard with outdoor lighting fixtures such as solar-powered lighting accents to corrosion, dust, and waterproof LED light fixtures that can withstand the harshest weather conditions.

These luminaires also help create focal points in your façade by highlighting your existing landscaping design. By creatively training the light on your home’s architecture, outdoor installations, or shrubbery, a dramatic effect can bring on added aesthetic appeal.

Of course, outdoor lighting can also make your home feel safer and more comfortable by lighting pathways and dim areas.

3. Arbors or Fence Panels

You can also enhance the look of your frontage by having arbors, gates, or decorative fences constructed.

Aside from keeping your home safe from prying eyes, these additional fixtures can also increase the pretty factor with different designs to choose from. They can come in prefabricated sections or easy-to-build kits that you can readily install over the weekend.

Spice it up with colorful garden blooms or paint for a more vibrant vibe.

4. Outdoor art

Sculptural works of art designed for outdoor landscaping design can also help elevate kerb appeal.

Weather-resistant outdoor installations that complement your home’s look and theme will certainly make it more pleasing to the eye. They don’t have to be one-of-a kind commissioned pieces, though. Simple yard art like bird baths, wind chimes, or bonsai trees can already add zest.

Water fountains or installations can also give a sense of calm with their soothing sounds.

5. Numerals

House numbers have definitely evolved and can now be easily installed into your walls, doors, or gates with ease. They can be stick-on and screw-on and can come in various fonts and sizes. They can even make use of solar power and an auto sensor that triggers the LED fixture to light up your house numbers in the dark.

Stick-on numerals can be weather-resistant and can come in stainless steel, plastic, polycarbonate, glow-in-the-dark, or reflectorized. These numerals can use cut-out stickers that feature super strong adhesive material which makes it easy to just peel and stick them onto surfaces like brick, glass, plastic, steel, timber, or on letterboxes.

Screwed on numerals which are further subdivided into screw-on numerals and concealed fixing types can be made of frosted glass, galvanised steel, or special illuminating plastic. While there are some who prefer the character and appeal of screw-ons, some may opt for concealed fixings as they obscure the screws from the onlooker’s view which others find more visually pleasing.

Style and Substance

Ranging from different designs, you can have a wealth of options and choose which kinds of outdoor accoutrement suit your taste and needs best.

These letterboxes and numerals not only add stylistic appeal to your home but also provide practical applications that can make your life easier and more comfortable. No more missed mails with strategically located mailboxes. No more lost friends and relatives trying to locate your home with well-placed numerals on your doorstep.

All you need to have is an outdoor area that properly identifies you as the master of the house and a letterbox that serves as a silent butler that can receive and protect your parcels.


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