Wedding Wardrobe for Men – The Checklist

Weddings are not just a planning exercise for the bride. The groom too has his set of responsibilities. On this most special of days, you do not want to forget or compromise on anything. From the tiniest details to the final outfit, the groom has his own checklist of things to do. Here are some tips to be ready for the wedding day – starting with the most important.

Choosing the Wedding Band

The wedding band is the reason why you are there. Its symbolism goes beyond the occasion of the day and it represents a future of togetherness and love. Choose the wedding band with great research as it is your lifetime companion. Start with the shape of the wedding band.

Are you looking for a streamlined fully rounded band or do you want to buy flat rings or a ring that has flat and rounded surfaces? The shape of the wedding band should be determined by your lifestyle – if you have a lot of hands-on and physical work in your daily routine, avoid a ring that would snag to other surfaces. That is why rounded ones are the most common, although the others may be aesthetically more appealing.

Make sure everything matches

Of course, when you are choosing your wedding band it may need to match what the bride has chosen. Make sure that some communication is happening so you don’t end up buying a design that clashes with hers.

Depending on your budget, there are many wedding ring metal options and all of them have their distinctive attractions. A platinum ring is rare. It is sophisticated and has a very high value. It is considered the whitest from the precious metal and it gives a very special glow that does not fade over the years. It is a safe bet for people with metal allergies and it does not get corroded so easily – what can be a better way to profess undying love!

Palladium is another metal that is increasing in acceptance as a wedding ring material. The rather understated and luxurious dark shine is something rare and palladium is also very resistant to corrosion.

Gold and its alloys

Gold is the most traditional and this classic metal remains the most endearing choice for wedding rings. There are different gold alloys you can consider when looking for a ring. White gold is a very modern choice – an alloy of yellow gold with another white metal to deliver a platinum-like shine. White gold wedding rings need a bit of maintenance every few years – a rhodium plating to keep the luster consistent.

A white gold ring without the plating too gives a very unique glow – a mix of the classic gold sparkle with white. If you are looking for yellow gold bands choose the carat-level keeping in mind the durability since gold is a very soft metal. Yellow gold is universally accepted as the material for wedding rings so you cannot go wrong with this choice. Rose gold is one of the most pleasing metals to look at. Enjoy a rosier tone with an 18-carat version.

Wedding rings come in different styles. Plain bands are a timeless choice but patterned finishes can accentuate the luster and sparkle, playing with the lighting and angles.

When purchasing such an important object do not compromise on the seller. Choose a top, reputed store like and enjoy the best services.

Plan the Suit

The wedding suit is a complex affair. It needs to be perfect and compliment the effort that the bride is putting into her dress. Do not push this towards the end of the wedding planning process. Give yourself at least a couple of months to look at the different styles and options that are available.

If you do not have the budget to buy a very expensive suit, it is not something to fret over. Find a good tuxedo or suit rental and make do. It is more important that you save your money for the future than unnecessarily stretch for a single-day event. If you do have the money to get a suit stitched – well, there is nothing better than it. Whichever route you take, read up on these key tips.

What Season Is It?

It goes without saying that you need to be comfortable at your wedding. What season does it fall into? Is it an outdoors wedding or will it be held indoors? The fabric that you choose should suit the temperature but there is also a visual element to it. Seasons have a certain set of colors associated with them – a shade that plays with fall or wintry tones might not be a good idea for a summer lake house wedding.

Wool and woolen blends are the best fabrics for cold weather weddings. They also have a texture that exudes the seasonality. Summer and warm-weather weddings are usually celebrated with lighter tones and textures. Silk blends are a good fabric option for this season.

What are the Styles for your Wedding Suit?

The blue three-piece suit will not be dislodged as the top classic choice for a long time. It is a versatile, appealing color that combines elegance, masculinity, and sophistication. There are many shades of blue to choose from so it is not a limited segment. Some of the features of a classic wedding suit include jetted pockets, three front buttons, and a single vent.

Modern weddings see a lot of contemporary suits that are perfect for the altar. Linen blends are breathing fabrics that can be your choice for a summer wedding. Shades of white, grey and light blue are popular and the suits can include a double-breasted coat also.

Tuxedos are extremely formal. They are ideal for the gala evening event rather than a rustic wedding setting. If you are investing in a tuxedo, remember that you probably won’t be wearing it again, whereas regular suits can be reused.

When you are getting your trousers measured, the bottom should fall on your ankle without crumpling. Trousers for a wedding suit should not have cuffs.

Choosing a Shirt

A white dress shirt is a must for a wedding suit. Anything else might come across as very casual. The white hue and texture of your shirt will play a big part in elevating the suit. It will also match the bride’s white wedding dress if that is her choice.

Lightweight fabrics like cotton and linen blends are ideal for a summer wedding while you can opt for heavier, wrinkle-free fabrics if the weather is expected to be a little nippy. Consider the collar style too – wedding stylists would recommend a classic double cuffed, straight collar. If you are wearing a bow tie, a wide collar will be more fitting.

What Shoes to Wear

Black leather is the way to go for your wedding shoes. A lace-up design is ‘the classic choice’. Avoid experimenting too much. Even the sole should be leather if you want that complete formal look. Tan leather can also be a choice depending on the color of your suit. Brown shoes look good with a navy blue or dark blue outfit. Shoes should have good polish before the big day.

Relish the Pre-Wedding Experience

You should enjoy the search for the wedding items because this is also part of the larger experience. Dedicate your time to it. Remember the effort the others are putting into making the day a very special occasion, including your partner and soon-to-be wife. Finding the perfect wedding outfit and wedding ring is not a very difficult proposition if you have the right information in your head. Make the entrance that a groom deserves. Look your best as you watch her walk down the aisle, into your life.

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