To Stay Organised In The Salon

What Can You Do To Stay Organised In The Salon?

With many people out of work and the economy on shaky ground, some salons are finding that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to build clientèle – or even hold on to those existing customers who used to be so loyal. A visit to the beauty salon is a luxury that many women simply can’t afford. However, even in these challenging economic times, it’s possible to establish your salon as an indispensable destination for your clients. How? By upping your customer service ante and catering specifically to their needs and desires!

Running a beauty salon successfully is not an easy task. It is a real challenge! Salon owners from London to Manchester – and everywhere in between – are discovering new and innovative ways to keep business steady without compromising on the quality of the services they provide. Here are five ways that your salon can cater to your clients and stay organised:

1. Hire Dynamic Stylists!

This is the best way to make your salon the talk of the town. No matter how hip, trendy or beautifully decorated your salon may be, if you lack talented stylists, you’re missing a crucial element, applicable for tattoo shops too. Many of the most well-known stylists are able to establish a signature “look” that becomes synonymous with their name, as opposed to simply fulfilling a client’s specifications, so it pays to look for stylists with vision. Try to find your very own Vidal Sassoon or Sally Hershberger, and you’ll be the talk of the town!

2. Provide Complimentary Beverages and Refreshments

This is a simple way to make a trip to your salon feel particularly luxurious, and clients love to be pampered. The beverages don’t have to be fancy; start with coffee and an assortment of teas, in addition to filtered ice water or sparkling water. You may also want to consider offering clients wine or champagne for an extra touch of class and indulgence.

3. Make Cleanliness a Priority

Whether your salon is high-end or a simple family establishment, you’ll need to ensure that everything is clean and pristine if you want your clients to keep booking appointments. In addition to a thorough cleaning, which should include the restrooms and each stylist’s individual station, at the end of each day, take the time to sweep up any hair on the floor or wipe up moisture around the shampoo area throughout the day for the best results.

4. Offer Extra Services – For Free

A simple gesture like offering your clients a 10-minute scalp massage during their shampooing could go a long way toward ensuring loyalty – and increasing tip sizes! Another related idea is to expand the amount of services you have to offer; stay abreast of the latest trends and try experimenting with them in your own way. For instance, the notorious “fish pedicure” has been making quite a splash at beauty salons in the London area. Why not think outside of the box for your salon as well?

5. Don’t Overlook The Omportance of Punctuality

Many salon patrons consider habitually tardy stylists to be pet peeves. Let your clients know that you care about their time and value their patronage by having your stylists commit themselves to starting each appointment in a timely fashion.

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