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What Colors to Paint in Which Room?

Have you ever wondered, what colour to paint in which room? The colour of your house reflects your personality, it is due to this reason only a lot of people think a lot while choosing an idle colour for different rooms. The colour of rooms creates a positive or negative atmosphere around you and thus it reflects your mood and thought.

Though not proven but is it a scientific fact that colours really affect your mood and it affects in many ways depending on personality, gender, climate and ethnic background. There are some colours that provide the same atmosphere for the users. The minor variation that may arise may be due to combinations or shades that have been used.

You should not care about the latest trend while opting for a colour based on your personality because trends will come and go and you won’t change the colour of your rooms, so often. Thus you should choose such colour that pleases your mood and provide a positive atmosphere around you.

Let’s see which colour should be used in which room:

Living Room

The living room is a place where you usually spend most of your time and thus you should use a light texture, as it calms the nerves and provides relaxation. You can go for sky blue or soft pink or even mint colour will go well. If you want to go with the latest trend you can use two combinations in which one should be light and other should be dark.

Dining Room

The dining room is a place where usually a family spends time together. In the current era, when children don’t have time for talking to parents, it’s the dining room which unites family to sit together and eat and discuss how their life is going on. The dining room should be painted in bright colour. You can go for bright red which is said to be an intense colour and it stimulates conversation or orange, which reflects excitement, enthusiasm and provides a different energy level.


A kitchen is a place where our mother or wife spends more or less their entire day. You should be wise enough to use a colour which always cheers their mood because if their mood will be worse than the entire house looks sad. The kitchen can be painted in yellow and white combination as it reflects the sunshine and provides a warm atmosphere. It energises the soul and is a welcoming colour too. Other colour choices can be pista green, which is a calm colour and provides mood relaxation. There are many such combinations which can smoothen the entire atmosphere and give you the best energy.


The bedroom is the most important place in your house and it is the place where you actually spend the most time after your office. Though you sleep at that time, still sleep is very important part of a person’s life. One usually discusses the daily routine with spouse at bedroom only and due to this, the bedroom colour should reflect healthiness. Green is said to be a healthy colour and provides a cooling effect to eyes. It also has enough warmth that promotes comfort and togetherness. A bedroom can have three walls of green colour and one can be a dark colour i.e. dark brown or chocolate. It gives an awesome look.

Kid’s Room

Kid’s room should be painted such that it reflects a lot of energy and thus bright and vibrant colours should be used. One can paint three walls in white or off-white colour and the fourth wall should be a bright colour viz. red, orange, blue, green, etc. Apart from this, if you have a boy, the room can be painted in blue and if you have a girl, the room can be painted in pink.


If you are planning to have an office in your house, then it should be painted in a colour that is productive. Painting and decorating an office in certain colours helps in increasing efficiency. As far as possible, one should try to use light colours in office instead of bright colours. You can use light blue, sea green, mellow yellow colour for your office.

Now let’s take a look at most commonly used colours and colour combinations depending upon their performance:

1. Warm Colours

Warm colours are radiant and cosy and are located on the left-hand side of a colour chart. Few of them are red, yellow, orange-red, etc. These colours are mostly used in large rooms as it tends to appear larger rooms as smaller and thus the room does not look like an empty space and looks completely filled up.

2. Cool Colours

Cool colours are located on right-hand side of a colour chart. Few of them are purple, blue, green, etc. These colours are usually used in smaller rooms because these colours help smaller room looks bigger.

3. Neutral Colours

Neutral colours are those colours which do not have such property of cool or warm in them, they are neutral in all aspects. These colours include white, grey, black, etc. These colours themselves have a different meaning and some people love using these colours, though basic gives a classic look to your house.

These are the basic colours which one can use in their home for keeping a positive atmosphere. Other choices can be different, one can also use textures in their home or even go for new English colours that are in fashion. These colour include aquamarine, azure, champagne, coral, crimson, cyan, lavender, magenta, mauve, orchid, peach and much more.

This article is a gateway of how the combination and colours work for us and how you should use them in your rooms. But the priority is yours as you have to live in your house, so you should choose which colour suits you and not what suits others or a regular class of people. There may be a possibility that the colour which attracts other’s eye may not please your eyes. Thus you should choose a colour based on your lifestyle, choice, etc.

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