HIPAA Security Rule

Hipaa Security Rule for Employers

These days internet is an indispensable part in all walks of life. Even when it comes to healthcare one relies on the online world. The Internet makes life easier, but there are concerns about privacy and security of the online data. It is for this reason that the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) include security and privacy rules that a company needs to follow.

Details about the HIPAA Security Policies

Hipaa covers the privacy and security of health information. For this purpose the Hipaa privacy rule and security rule were developed. These help in protecting the health information about the health care industry. They help in evading the security risks that arise due to the use of technology in the healthcare industry. The Security rule protects the privacy of each individual’s personal health information.

At the same time it helps the employer adhere to new technologies which will help in improving the quality of healthcare of patients. The security rule clearly specifies the administrative, technical and physical security procedures that need to be followed by the bodies that are covered under Hipaa. The covered bodies have to make sure that complete confidentiality and integrity is maintained. All those healthcare providers who transfer any information in the electronic form are covered by the security rule.

The General Rules about the Policy

The bodies that are covered by this rule have to make sure that they maintain complete confidentiality and integrity of all the data that they receive, maintain or transmit. They must identify and protect all this information against any potential threat. The bodies are not allowed to make any impermissible disclosure of the data. The employees of the covered entities must also abide by all the rules. The confidential data must not be disclosed to unauthorized people under any circumstances. The entities must also make sure that the data is not destroyed or altered in any unlawful ways.

The covered bodies must therefore, analyze the potential risks that they may face. They must identify these risks and must take appropriate measures to tackle these risks. They must make sure that the security measures are well documented. They must take all the steps to maintain proper security protection. They must train their workforce in a proper way and must ensure that they follow all the instructions properly. It is also important that the entity takes measures to restrict the access to confidential data. They must make sure that the password and all other details are kept confidential. They must also ensure that all the data is protected from hackers and malware and that there should be no loss of data. To put it in simple words the HIPAA Compliance Manual has to be followed strictly.

The HIPAA compliance certification course is necessary for fair and quality healthcare of the patients. It makes sure that the personal sensitive data of the patients is kept completely secure. The security and the privacy policy is a must for a company or body which wants to give quality service to its clients.

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