What Dog Breeds Are the Cutest Puppies

What Dog Breeds Are the Cutest Puppies

For most dog lovers, the one thing better than a dog is a baby dog. Puppies are so pure, cute, and innocent that it can be too much to handle at times. This can make it a bit hard to rank which breed of dog is the cutest.

What do you place your priority on first? Is it the ears, paws, or coat? To make matters more complicated, they are sweet, lovable, and grow up to be very protective of those they love most. People who consider themselves to be very anti-dog also find it hard to resist the adorable features of a puppy.

While every puppy from almost every breed has loads of cuteness, there are plenty of puppy breeds that are super, extra cute. While cuteness is highly subjective, we’ve tried to create a list of breeds that will almost certainly melt your heart and turn you into a dog lover if you aren’t one already.

Here’s a list of dog breeds that make the most adorable, cutest puppies today.

1. Maltipoo Puppies 

This would not qualify as a list of cute dog breeds without including Maltipoo Puppies. They’re not really a breed per se but a cross between the Poodle and the Maltese.

They are cuddly, small, and very adorable such that you won’t mind having to groom it every once in a while since their hair can get a bit out of control. They have super cute eyes and look like they are almost always smiling.

There’s quite literally nothing you will not love about Maltipoos.

2. The Labrador Retriever

You most certainly have seen them as adult dogs and you have fallen in love with them, but have you seen them as pups? They’re super adorable when they are young such that you might not help yourself from having one of your own.

However, bear in mind that this breed of dogs does not stay a pup for too long. They grow up really fast but you won’t even care that they’re no longer pups since they’ll still be as fun and loving. Do prepare for a heavy lunge when you get back after a day because they can weigh quite a lot.

3. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

If there’s a breed that has perfected the art of giving puppy dog eyes, then it’s certainly this one. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has the saddest, sweetest eyes you’ll ever see in a pup. They are the kind of breed that will make you want to pick it up and pet it for the rest of your life. What’s better is they carry their cuteness even into adulthood.

Cutest Dogs Breeds

4. The French Bulldog

All dog lovers and anti-dog people know that there’s something really sweet and captivating about a bulldog, and the French Bulldog happens to be no exception. They are lovely, little dogs and are highly adored for that. They can really tug at your heartstrings.

Their small size makes them great as lap dogs and they’re even more adorable as pups. When you lay your eyes on a French Bulldog pup, you’ll forget any reasons that might have discouraged you from getting a dog.

5. The Golden Retriever

It doesn’t come out as much of a surprise that Golden Retrievers are widely used in making commercials. They are very hard to resist and have an infectious smile that will make everyone in the room go awww.

They are super cute and fun as puppies and they carry some behaviors they had as pups well into adulthood. They have soft, feathery coats and are always wagging their tiny little tails as they show off that smile they’re so famous for.

6. The Iconic Pug

Pugs have become such an icon of popular culture in recent times. Pug owners are so obsessed with their pugs because there’s nothing not to love about this breed of dog. You can’t blame a pug owner for adopting as many pugs as they can find.

They are the sweetest dogs around and their goofy face makes them super cute. Seeing their adorable faces when you get home from a long day at work or school will shed off any stress you might have. They truly are what’s right in the world.

7. The English Bulldog

If you think you have never seen an English bulldog before, we can guarantee that you have, just that you didn’t know that it was an English bulldog. They are used all the time on ads because of how extremely cute they are.

They have a tough puppy exterior but are very docile. They aren’t exactly a bundle of energy and they like to stay indoors with their humans most of the time. But they do love cuddles and have short little legs that will make anyone stop to have a second look.

8. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Corgis stay relatively small even as adults and they develop really funny personalities. This is a dog with a huge set of ears and very short legs as an adult so you can imagine how adorable they must be as pups.

They have incredibly soft fur as pups and look really sweet since they haven’t yet grown into their ears. They have inquisitive little eyes and like to play, cuddle, and romp around a lot. They can be an awesome addition to your family especially if you have young kids.

True Happiness is a Warm Puppy

The quote that says dogs are a man’s best friend isn’t quite true. They can be wonderful friends to women and kids too! They are extremely lovable and loyal to a fault. It can be a very hard task picking favorites when it comes to choosing a dog for your family. However, if there’s something we can all agree on is that pups are just the best.

Every single pup deserves to live a life full of toys, love, and lots and lots of cuddles. The list above obviously hasn’t included all the cutest pups since they are so many, but it should help you identify and consider the cutest breeds in the world.

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