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4 Living Room Flooring Hacks

Flooring is a part of the decor of your living room. Therefore, you need to take care of it. The best thing is that you can do so on your own. If you have the old flooring, you do not need to change it completely. You can turn it into a DIY project! The same can be done for new floors. Select a flooring that is easy to maintain or simply use a few hacks to make your living room floor look great. Read on to find out some DIY options that are long-lasting and budget friendly.

Top 4 Hacks For Your Living Room Floor

Upgrading or maintaining your living room floor does not have to involve expensive materials or services. You can do it yourself! Check out the hacks discussed below to give your living room flooring a makeover!

1. Use Protective Pads For Your Furniture

If you have hardwood or engineered wood flooring, then it will scratch easily. Most scratches will appear because of your furniture. So, the easiest thing you can do is get some protective padding for all furniture in the room. You can fix corks from opened wine bottles at the bottom of the chair or table legs. Protective pads made out of soft but thick fabric are also available. However, if there are any scratches on your living room’s hardwood or engineered wood floor, you can use a solution of 1-part vinegar and 3 parts canola oil to remove them. But once you remove the scratches, immediately fit protective pads on the furniture to avoid any more problems.

2. Paint Unpolished Floors

This is a really easy hack to upgrade old flooring or floors of unpolished wood or concrete. All you need to do is buy some suitable paint or stain and apply it to the surface of the floor. Make sure to clean the floor thoroughly so that no dirt particles are trapped in the paint layer. You can even use stencils to create different patterns. The paint might fade over time, but you can easily add another layer. If you use good quality stains, then you can avoid chipping or peeling off.

3. Use Large Vinyl Tiles For A Small Room

Living room flooring makeover

Choosing a type of flooring for a small living room can be a difficult job. This is because how the room looks will depend a lot on its flooring. If you wish to make your living room look more spacious, use large vinyl tiles. Tiles of at least 12 square inches can really make a room look larger than it is. Large vinyl tiles will be durable and also waterproof. You can use luxury vinyl flooring for your living room and the tiles usually resemble hardwood or stone. But there are also other designs available.

4. Keep Doormats

Doormats at appropriate places can help to maintain your living room flooring. Keep doormats on the inside and outside of the living room entrance. This will make sure that anybody entering the room wipes their feet twice, thus getting rid of all the dirt and gravel. Dirt particles and gravel can easily scratch the surface of the floors and if they are caught in the doormats, then your floors will in good condition. It will also be easier for you to clean up as you can simply run the vacuum over the mats or dust them outside.

Final Words

Flooring for your living room can be of any type. You can use dark or light wood, planks, tiles, and even parallel or diagonal boards. You can even add some carpet tiles or area rugs. If you live in a place that has low humidity and mostly dry weather, you can even opt for wall-to-wall carpeting. All these options give a touch of personality to the room and enhance the look of the flooring.

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