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Why Is It Essential To Create An Employee-Centric Company Culture

It is observed that three out of four employees are usually disengaged at the workplace. Put simply, they are either just getting done with their work to collect a paycheck at the end of the month or hate working for their company but are stuck with it anyway.

Imagine entering a large enterprise that still follows traditional methods and has a bureaucratic system in place. Would you as an employee be happy and satisfied in such a working environment?

Most of the top talent in a company do not perform better and are mostly disinterested at work. This increases their sense of frustration with their current job situation, forcing them to look for better opportunities.

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A Solution to Disengagement

Every company is looking to hire the top talents of their industry. The HR department of each company is trying to make sure that they lure the top talents with high salaries and work benefits, but it is also important to provide your employees with a healthy and comfortable workplace environment.

Business organisations need to make sure that they identify the real problem behind decreased productivity, and that is employee disengagement. To overcome this issue, companies need to start researching on what can be done to keep their employees engaged at work.

If a company wants to figure out where the disengagement problem really lies, they must look at the following three things:

  1.    Current turnover rates at their office
  2.    Overall employee engagement levels
  3.    If their employees possesses the ability to grow and enhance their skills

Many big companies have started to recognise the benefits of having a great company culture, what it brings to the workplace and what impact it has on their employees. A simple way to address the employee disengagement issue is to identify their weaknesses, and address them by coming up with a unique solution, which is of course easier said than done.

Hence, we suggest you to organise activities (indoor or outdoor) that will help improve employee engagement. Outdoor activities not only improve employee engagement but also increase employee productivity and encourage team building. There are several activities such as pit stop challenges, soccer matches or baseball matches that boost team building and creates a stronger team chemistry.

How to create an employee-centric workplace

If you are planning to create an employee-centric workplace environment, you need to start by setting up a plan. It is important to first understand and analyse all the employee engagement metrics. This will help you notice a common pattern and thus lead you towards the actual issues. Once you identify all the issues, come up with a strategy to overcome them.

Don’t be proactive and start taking care of all the issues right away, try to solve them one after another. This way, your employees will notice the fact that the management is making efforts and cares about them.

To identify obvious flaws within your workplace, you don’t need to have tools or suggestion boxes. To make improvements on your tools, processes and projects in your workplace, observe what other organisations are doing and try to implement some of their best practices to see whether they suit your company.

Creating an employee-centric workplace is not a huge or complex task. However, the strategy that you come up with should be based on data-driven observations and assumptions.

A company can simply improve its workplace environment by listening, taking corrective measures and treating its employees as people. Something as simple as encouraging open communication goes a long way.

By giving your employees the freedom to work and handle situations on their own without worrying about management’s policies, you allow your employees to think out of the box when looking for solutions. Let you employees come up with unique and creative ideas for projects and dealing with problems as well.

Human Resources Is Changing

As companies are becoming more data driven, technology friendly and involving employees in decision making processes, the future of human resources looks brighter than ever. These changes are helping companies increase their employee productivity.

Moreover, we also suggest you to take your employees’ mental health into consideration. Build some strict policies allowing your employees to relax even when there is work overload. As mental health awareness goes unnoticed, it will lead to a steady decline in your company’s productivity levels.

So start finding weak pointers that degrade your company’s productivity and address them as soon as possible.

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