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Why Referencing is Important in Education

How would you feel if someone uses any of your research which you did after spending years and not even give you credit for that? This is not the only reason why citation and referencing have become an integral part of our education system.

There are tons of paper written on the issue of citation and referencing which discussed common reasons like plagiarism, how well researched your content is and either you did it yourself or used any Vancouver citation generator which most of the students of my locality used a lot.

Aside from these reasons, there are numerous reasons too which are not needed to demonstrate or explained. These are the less considered arguments but worth a lot more than the generic ones which most of the times does not satisfy and answer the question regarding citation and referencing.

That is why I am writing this article in which I am going to discuss some of the less obvious but compelling reasons which in my belief and experience would be enough to answer all the queries of students regarding citation and referencing.

Makes You A Better Writer

Your writing would not consider as plagiarized and show your efforts behind it; such reasons are clichéd ones regarding citation which students does not want to hear again. One thing which is under the carpet always is the writing ability of the writer. Whether you cite or not, if you have written a compiling and error free paper with the excellent attribution habits can help you in achieving your goals. Writing with proper citation and referencing removes the allegations like laziness, vague thinking, sloppy writing and other clichés from your writing.

For the sake of example, consider you are reading something written as “he said” and “everyone knows’. What style is more compelling and which one would you believe.

Makes You A Better Researcher

You know that citation shows the amount of research you have done on a content. But there is another side of the story too. The more you cite the content, the better researcher you will become. Citation helps you in improving your attention to detail and the ability to discern the patterns and creating connections. By citing and referencing, you will develop the habit of aligning and making the things in order. Through this, you will develop the habits of correcting the page numbers, spellings of the author names and the accuracy of facts and researched content that you add in your writing.

This is one of the greatest habits a person can develop. This helps the student in not only his academic life but also a great way to becoming employer’s favorite.

Not Requires Checking

When you have to write any science paper or any other research-based papers, then you are going to be checked thoroughly by your instructors and teachers. This can make the checker of your paper to focus more and spend more time on your paper which can come up with new mistakes. This is where citation can help you. If you have cited properly, the checker would only have to check the cited source and your paper is good to be cleared now.

Make Your Content Credible

Another benefit of citing and referencing which also shows the importance of this in education is the credibility it gives to the content. By adding the name of the authors and scientists if you are writing any science research paper shows that you have added the work of the experts and best in the business. This shows that the content you have added is well versed, authentic and relevant to the subject which is the need of every student to add in his assignment, essay, dissertation and research papers.

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