Walking to lose weight

Why Should You Include Walking into Your Workout Routine to Lose Weight?

Regular exercise along with a healthy diet is the best remedy for weight loss. However, everybody cannot find the time in their daily busy lives to exercise. For them, regular daily activities which are physical serve as the best alternative to high end exercising.

Regular activities like walking are quite helpful for weight loss, and in this article, you shall learn how walking can help you to not only lose weight but give you a healthier lifestyle all over.

Walking – One of the best exercises – Why?

Walking can be the very first exercise which you can start your fitness regimen with. You can start with walking as simply a warm-up for your heavier exercises. You must initially keep your regimen short and manageable and not too overbearing.

Begin by walking for 20 minutes every day at a slow pace with which you are comfortable with. After doing this for about a week, you can consider increasing your pace. Walk faster, but so fast that you lose your breath.

What Should be the Pace of Walking?

Walk at a comfortable pace but make sure that this is faster than your initial pace. Then slowly, increase the time duration. You can change it from 20 minutes to 40 minutes and so on. You can use your mobile phone to track how much distance you walked and at what speed. Once you have settled into a comfortable walking rhythm, you must stick to it. Do not leave your routine midway.

Walking is the best form of cardio because it works your entire body. Your leg muscles are strengthened, and your arms are also stretched.  Avoid the bus, or taking a car when you can help it and walk for around 2-3 km daily to have a healthy lifestyle.

Diet is Essential Along with Exercises

When you do your daily exercises with fervor and passion, it is imperative that you also remember that you have to maintain a proper diet to ensure that your body gets the required nutrition daily. Exercising without the right amount of nutrition will only harm your body and have a negative impact. It is advisable that you consult with a dietician before opting for any specific nutrition chart. They can prepare a chart for you as per your goals and body requirements.

Being an expert on this subject they can measure the quantity of everyday food to ensure that you meet your goal easily. So, you have to try and avoid that.


Nothing beats exercises when it comes to a remedy for weight loss. While today there are plenty of exercises which focus on weight loss and muscle training. However, amongst all of these, walking remains the best form of exercise. It builds one’s stamina and improves endurance. Walking also improves one’s health. The benefits of walking are plenty. Hopefully, this article will have shown you why you need to add walking to your fitness regimen for a quick weight loss exercise.

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