10 Awesome Enamel Mugs for Camping

We love enamelware for its vintage charm and its functionality, and it’s perfect for camping and backpacking because it’s incredibly durable but also lightweight. Typically made from steel and coated with an enamel coating or finish, it’ll withstand a tumble or two. And while you can’t use enamelware in the microwave (it’s coated metal, remember), enamelware can typically be used on an open flame (i.e. campfire). Finally, enamelware absolutely doesn’t have to be boring, so check out these 10 awesome enamel mugs for your next camping trip.

1. Jumbo Grey Marble Enamel Mug – Crow Canyon

enamel mug camping grey marble crow canyon

Crow Canyon Home makes some awesome enamelware – everything from mugs to baking sheets and casserole pans. This marble design is anything but boring, and comes in a variety of colors. The Jumbo Mug hold 24 oz, so it’s perfect for someone who starts their morning with a LOT of coffee, and works great to cook soup or oatmeal over the campfire.

2. Adventure Enamel Camp Mug by The Wild Creatives

enamel mugs for camping the wild creatives

This enamel camp mug = adventure goals. Have your morning coffee in this and you’ll be itching to start your day! This 12 oz mug is handmade by the Wild Creatives, and features their logo on the backside. Check out the shop for more awesome adventure-inspired gear!

3. Black Granite Mug by Stansport

enamel camping mug stansport black granite

Stansport has been making quality outdoor adventure and camping gear since 1949, so you know the quality’s there. While this 14 oz mug isn’t technically enamelware, the idea’s the same – it can withstand cooking temperatures up to 300 degrees and it’s incredibly tough, and the satin black finish is pretty chic.

4. Happy Camper Enamel Mug by Black Craft

enamel happy camper mug black craft etsy

This Happy Camper design takes an otherwise basic enamel mug to the next level. The design, which is available in 25 different colors, is made from a glossy high-quality permanent vinyl rated for outdoor use, and the mug holds 12 oz. While we’re not sure if the vinyl would hold up to open-flame cooking, it’s definitely perfect for your coffee, tea, beer or any other drink your happy-campin’ heart desires.

5. Illustrated Retro ‘Travel’ Enamel Mug by lanómada illustrations

enamel camp travel mug illustrated lanomada

This delightful enamel mug features the illustrations of Lisbel Gavara, who works directly with a local enamel artisan to produce these. This 13.5 oz mug depicts all the camping essentials – Swiss Army knife, compass, canteen, rope knot, and a “wild” patch. Take this on your next trip, or use it at home to inspire you to get out on your next adventure.

6. Mushroom Enamel Mug – Gift Republic

mushroom enamel mug for camping gift republic

This one’s for all the mushroom enthusiasts out there (is there a word for that?)! The graphics contribute to the seriously vintage feel, and it’s perfect for an outdoor setting. We wouldn’t recommend using this one over the fire (don’t want to risk damaging these darling ‘shrooms), but it makes the perfect drinking vessel.

7. Camping Pun Enamel Mug by Driinky

camping enamel mug witty camping pun coffee intents

We couldn’t resist the opportunity to include a witty mug, especially one this incredible. Who doesn’t like their coffee “intents”? We definitely do! Available with a blue and red graphic or with a black graphic, this 12 oz handmade enamel mug is super unique and, quite frankly, adorable. Check out the Driinky shop for more options!

8. Sasquatch Enamel Mug by Meriwether of Montana

enamel camp mug sasquatc

You can’t be an outdoors-person without having heard the legend of the Sasquatch, right? Is legend the right word, though? With this 12 oz enamel mug, you can let everyone know how you feel about it. The graphic is engraved, not printed, so it’s gonna be extra durable and long-lasting. Again, another awesome update on the classic blue enamel camp mug.

9. Camp Mug by Poler

poler enamel camping mug

These bad boys come in ‘burnt orange’ and ‘fuzzy camo’, and feature the Poler logo on one side and their Camp Vibes slogan on the other. These enamel mugs are simple but fun, and will brighten up any fireside drink.

10. Happy Camper Enamel Mug by lptshirt

happy camper enamel mug etsy

Here’s another ‘Happy Camper’ mug for you! We love the unique color and the graphic is awesome. Handmade in Bulgaria, your one-of-a-kind enamel mug will make you an even happier camper (bet you didn’t think that was possible, did you?!).

Grab one, two or all of these enamel mugs and you’ll be set for your next hike, camping trip, or backpacking journey!

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