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10 Low-Cost Decorating Tips For Your Home

So you want to decorate your living abode and are on the lookout for decorating tips which are low cost. Don’t worry you have come to the right place. We often get bored with the set-up we have in our homes and we want to give it a fresh feel.

What limits us is that we think spending on decorating our homes is expensive and since we are on budget let save or either spend on more important ventures. After all we are only living and it is ok. But no you should sometimes try to give your house a fresh look. It uplifts your mood and adds to your environment.

Let us see some tips which are as follows:

1. Introduce New Color To Your Walls

We tell ourselves our house will look good when we will move to a new house that will have wall colors of our choice. Instead we should focus on improving our current home. We can give it a paint job and get the wall of our choice.

It is in addition an inexpensive way especially when you are on a budget and cannot afford to exceed it. You can either paint a single wall or feature it for guests that visit you or you can do it for all the walls in your house with a dark shade or some mix of two different colors. It is bound to give your walls a trendy touch.

2. Revisit What You Have at Present in Your House

Forget low cost but talk about free here. If you look around in your house or room, for that matter, you will notice that there are always few items that you can shuffle or move around a bit that can transform your humble abode.

Upon revisiting you will also notice if there is something extra that’s lying around and which can be rid of. You can either sell it off on eBay, in turn, earning some cash or give it to some charity organization. Remember, less is more as well as environmentally friendly.

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3. Changing Your Lightning Around The House

Right kind of lightning contributes to the overall ambiance of the house. And this does not cost much, all you have to do is buy a fresh shade for that lamp of yours. You can also seek to replace those table lamps by opting for the more stylish lamps. Start by placing them in the drawing room or on bedside tables. You will see how solid the transformation looks.

4. Time To Update Your Pillows

I know sofa sets these are pretty expensive. Well, you are not reading this to get worried but for a solution to your décor worries. You can alternatively opt for some fabulous cushions that are unique in design and are sure to fill up space.

You can get a decent bargain at an IKEA store. If you are not sure about the colors of those cushions, you can derive inspiration from the colors of your floor and walls. Side with something that complements them.

5. Embed Style in The Way You Sleep

You can customize your bedroom instantly and almost for no expense. How? Use cut pieces of MDF to (re)size and cover them in a fabric of distinctive design. It will quickly create attractive headboard for your bed. You can then select contrasting shades to go with your bed linen.

6. Integrate Mirrors With Light

Mirrors are cost effective alternative to artworks. You can use these and add lightning to them so that they shimmer on your walls. You can play around with the lights or mirror shapes and sizes which brings a personalized touch to even the tiniest of places in your house. Want a wee bit of sophistication? Integrate mirrors with light.

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7. Identify and Innovate

It is not necessary that you have to purchase a new item every time you feel the need for a change. Why not improve on the existing item by means of innovation. If the need (according to you) has raised for a new armchair, you can always give it a makeover by covering it with the sheet of new pattern.

Have you heard, the simpler the better? Well this is it! the new pattern will give it a completely transformed look and you can bank on it by flaunting it to guests and friends on how you got this armchair in a deal at an store when all you have done is come up with an innovation of your own.

And of course, this doesn’t have to be permanent. You can try out different patterns from time to time or when budget isn’t the issue, heck buy a new one. Don’t tell us, but, we didn’t inform you of a workaround which you could save you money.

8. Breathe Life into a Dull Window

You can create a window that will be the center of attention, say, in your room. You can upgrade your windows by adding a roller bling which is low on both cost plus effort. The impact, however, will be significant. It is up to you whether you settle for a subtle pattern of flowers or something full of stripes. This way it is bound to stand out!

9. Create Artwork

We stopped you from buying artwork but never said you cannot create artwork for yourself. If you are hoping to decorate your walls, buy an inexpensive ready-to-hang frame, for instance, which will add to adornment of your wall. You can also invest (of course a small investment, we dare not advise you on anything expensive) in custom frames, wood mounting, and canvases among other things.

10. Play With Scale of the House or Room

If your house happens to be a studio apartment or has a small room, don’t feel that you cannot do much with it.By playing with scale we mean make space for one large piece of furniture or artwork that will be the highlight of it. This methods brings a grandeur feel to an otherwise smaller establishment. Oh it’s fast and cost effective method too!

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