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15 Essential Undergarments Every Woman Should Own

What’s hidden beneath the fabric of your ensemble plays an (the most) important role in your everyday wardrobe. Having the wrong undergarments can ruin the way we look and feel in even the most stylish outfits. From bras to panties, and everything in between, we’ve compiled a list of 15 undergarments every woman should own.

1. Classic Nude and Black Bra

T-shirt bras are an absolute must-have in your collection of undergarments. They provide a comfortable, ultra smooth fit and are nearly invisible underneath even your tightest shirt. These are the best for everyday wear.

2. Seamless Underwear

Pantylines are seriously not flattering. Talk about a wardrobe malfunction. You should have at least one nude pair to wear with light-colored bottoms. Fortunately, there are now many options to choose from. For instance, EBY has a wide collection of seamless underwear in various cuts or coverage to work with whatever you’re wearing.

3. Strapless Bra

Nothing is tackier than letting your bra straps hang out. This is not 2006. Comfort and support are always an issue when it comes to purchasing a strapless bra, so make sure you try on multiple options and brands before choosing one that’s best for you. is an awesome lingerie company that claims to produce the world’s “most comfortable bras.”

Strapless Bra

4. Shapewear

If you don’t own a pair of Spanx, you don’t know what you’re missing out on. The company was founded in 2000, and since then over 6 million women have chosen Spanx as their go-to shapewear. In 2012 Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx, landed the cover of Forbes Magazine as the youngest self-made female billionaire. Thank god for Sara Blakely because Lord knows I’d rather spend $80 on undergarments than 30 minutes in the gym.

5. Thong

Women have a love-hate relationship with thongs. You should have at least one in your underwear drawer though, because it could save the day, or your outfit. Women’s biggest complaint is the discomfort caused by thongs. Well that’s because you haven’t found the right one.

However, many women agree that it’s best to wear a thong together with jeans, yoga pants, or skirts. They find that thongs provide the right balance of freedom and comfort, especially with the right fabric.

But perhaps the best reason why many women love thongs is their sexiness factor. Women just feel ultra-sexy when wearing a thong regardless of what they wear over it. It’s the type of sexy that makes you exude confidence and gives you the feeling that nothing can go wrong with your day.

6. Something Sexy

Make your man’s jaw drop or simply wear it for yourself. Amping up your unmentionables is the perfect way to make you feel even sexier.

7. Push-Up Bra

No matter how big or small your girls are, they could always use a lift. Ideally push-up bras are great for women with smaller breasts. You don’t need a boob job when you’ve got a bombshell. Push-up bras with the perfect fit provide more security, support, and comfort than regular bras. They have additional padding and lining that will help the breasts feel more secure and supported the whole time.

Push-Up Bra

8. Lace Panties

They’re sexy and no matter the occasion they’ll make you feel a little more confident.

9. Self-Adhesive Bra

I’m not a big fan of bandeaus, which is why I love self-adhesive bras. They’re perfect for shirts and dresses with dramatically low or mesh backs. I find them great to wear with crop tops also. However, in the summertime, heat and sweat causes things to get a bit weird.

10. A Pair of Grandma Undies

You only have an excuse to wear these once a month. They scream, “Get me some chocolate and leave me alone.” Whatever the case, grandma undies are undeniably comfortable and provide you the best coverage during days like these.

11. Sports Bra

Your boobs need support, especially in the gym. Having the wrong sports bra can lead to upper back and shoulder problems and worst of all: sagging breasts. Remember that your breasts aren’t muscles. They’re only supported by the skin and some ligaments. Thus, it’s important to wear a reliable sports bra to prevent breast pain, provide support, and limit boob movement when working out, especially when running.

12. Over-the-Top Bra

Every woman should have one bra that’s not made for hiding.

13. Something Comfortable

You’ve already got your something sexy, and your grandma panties are way past comfortable. Maybe you like to lounge around the house in your favorite bra that offers no support, or my favorite – no bra at all.

14. Breast Tape

Perfect for plunging necklines or anytime you want to go braless in public.

15. Robe

Robes are great to thrown on after getting out of the shower, in between outfit changes, putting on makeup, or lounging around on a lazy Sunday morning.

What do you think of this list? Anything we left off that you think needs to be included?

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