Fashion Lessons To Learn From Professional Models

5 Fashion Lessons To Learn From Professional Models’ Off-Duty Looks

Whether you need inspiration for how to layer your new bomber jacket, what to put on this year’s birthday wish-list, or how to inject new life into the pieces that already hang in your closet, there is no denying that models’ off-duty looks are some of the best ensembles to gain fresh ideas.

Over the past couple of years, with the explosion of Insta-famous models like Gigi and Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Rosie Huntington-Whitely, and (more recently) Kaia Gerber, models’ “off-duty” looks have become a serious source of fashion influence. Often, the garb that these beautiful women wear to and from fashion shows is just as watched as what the designers actually put down the runway.

This practice of “off-duty” style originated with the legendary Kate Moss, whose grungy glam personal style continues to inspire and influence today’s generation of designers, magazine editors, and fashion lovers. Of course, supermodels possess a superpower for making any outfit appear glamorous, but there are some consistent patterns we can observe.

Here are five fashion lessons to learn from professional models’ off-duty looks.

1.  Collect Great Denim

If there is one item that models rock, again and again, it is a pair of terrific jeans. Whether they dress up a pair of distressed jeans with a feminine blouse, dress down a pair of flared black denim with a vintage rock n roll T-shirt, or style must-have thigh-high boots with a blue denim skirt.

Denim provides a wide variety of styling possibilities.

2.  Invest in Accessories

While those of us who aren’t actually models don’t have the access or money to the wide range of designer pieces that hang in leggy-supermodels’ closets, we can treat ourselves once in awhile.

If you are looking to splurge on a new addition, a Gucci bag or a pair of Manolo Blahnik heels are going to go a lot further (and make for a tremendous cost-per-wear calculation). These well-made accessories can dress up any outfit and will always be a talking point.

3.  Show Off Peek-A-Boo Lingerie

We all know that, in some cases, delicate lingerie can cost more than an entire outfit. And with a price tag like that, you may as well make it a focal point of an ensemble!

Models certainly don’t shy away from showing off their lingerie. Wear a lacy bra underneath a fitted suit for a blend of masculine and feminine elements or pair your favorite Calvin Klein sports bra with a high-waisted pair of vintage-inspired flared pants.

4.  Bring The Drama With Flared Sleeves

One of the most significant trends to appear over the past few seasons is the statement sleeve. Models have been spotted walking the streets of Paris and Dubai wearing blouses with extra-long sleeves, oversized flares, attention-grabbing embellishments, and dramatic slits.

In addition to statement sleeves, the deconstructed shirt is another trend du jour.

5. Find Yourself An Equally Fashionable Girl-Gang.

After you have spent so much time curating your wardrobe to look like a professional model-off-duty, it only makes sense that you would want to surround yourself with an equally fashionable girl-gang. While Gigi Hadid always looks fabulous on her own, she seems even chicer when spotted strolling arm-in-arm with her younger sister Bella. Choosing to coordinate in this season’s patterns is one way to do it, but the key is to all have your own style and own it!

That being said, every fashionable woman knows that to have “style” is to embrace and express your own personality. While we can learn lessons from professional models’ off-duty looks, one of the most important is that there isn’t just one way to be stylish.

Cara Delevingne is known for her unique brand of casual chic (think: designer tracksuits, chunky trainers, and a haute beanie). Miranda Kerr is hailed for championing barely-there makeup. Lily Aldridge is the go-to girl for smooth and sultry but never overstated, outfits. And Gigi Hadid has a knack for effortlessly transforming minimal and easy-to-wear pieces into mind-blowing looks.

While you should take inspiration from these ladies (as well as other men and women around the world), don’t forget that personal style excels because it is just that…personal.


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