Factors to Keep in Mind When Installing Kitchen Hardware
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7 Factors to Keep in Mind When Installing Kitchen Hardware

The room in our house that contains most of the hardware is the kitchen. Think about it: this is where you have the cabinets, sinks and drawers. This means hardware like pulls, knobs, taps, stoppers and cabinet handles India. Few years ago there were barely any choices, but now buyers have plenty to choose from.

But it is important that we do this carefully. Kitchen hardwares are no longer just utility pieces. These are seen as an important part of the kitchen aesthetics. As Indian kitchen designs become at par with international trends and the advent of many intentionally known brands, there is really no excuse for not doing your best!

To make matters easier here are just a few pointers on how to select your kitchen hardware.

1. Make A List

As any ardent planner will tell you, lists save you time and effort, while making sure that there are no omissions. With the many hardware pieces required in a kitchen, a list will also help you deal with the chaos.

If your kitchen is in the planning state, make a rough sketch and identify all draws, cabinets, cupboards and so on. Now make a list cabinet and location wise. You can group similar hardware under same category later on. For instance, knobs will be one category, while taps will be another. If you are renovating a kitchen, your job is even easier, since all you have to do is identify all the points that need hardware.

2. Think Of The Style

Kitchen decor styles can really vary — from the nordic minimalist and modern kitchen to a charming, rustic kitchen. it is important to identify a style because this will help you choose the hardware. Since the hardware will have to go with the overall kitchen style, this can come in handy.

For instance, a modern kitchen will look good with stainless steel or zinc cabinet handles that are sleek and modern to look at. If, however, you have no uniform style, fear not! A mix-n-match style will go perfectly well.

3. Mix-n-Match

Contrary to the usual assumptions, kitchen hardware need not be uniform. You can always mix-n-match, provided you do this with an overall aesthetics in mind. Since hardware is usually a small piece, it can give a design a certain quirkiness or the novelty of the unexpected. So, you can put up a pair of vintage knobs on one of the cabinets. Just make sure that these are clearly visible and make a nice counter-point to the other hardware in the room.

4. Think Unusual

Do not be afraid to experiment. Look for unusual hardware wherever you can. Look for glass, ceramic or vintage handles. While it may not be possible to do the entire room in this, a couple of knobs at a prominent location will suffice. The aim is to create an interesting contrast.

5. Usage

Kitchen cabinets are some of the most heavily used cabinets in a house. Hence, it must be able to withstand heavy usage and its wear and tear. Look for sturdy cabinet handles India that can stay for a long time. Handles attached to drawers expected to carry heavy loads must be strong enough to carry the weight.

Usage is also about the ease of use. Some knobs and handles may look good, but their functionality is often not. This is usually due to bad design. So, where possible check an installed sample, especially if it is an unusual shape.

6. Corrosion-Resistance

Kitchens are areas that typically see very high amount of corrosive elements. Consequently, most kitchen hardware will see grease build up over time. Hence, these must be resistant to its corrosive effect. Zinc handles with their resistance to rust are an apt example of kitchen cabinet handle material.

7. Easy to Maintain

As mentioned above, kitchen handles will eventually see a build-up of grease and dirt with time. For hygiene purposes as well a kitchen must be cleaned regularly. This means that we need handles that can be cleaned without too much effort and will retain their shine and appearance with minimal maintenance.

So, make a detailed list, consider your style requirement and select sturdy cabinet handles India that we can withstand corrosion, rough usage and are easy to maintain.

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