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5 Types of Girls You Should Definitely Never Date

Since parents are no longer responsible for choosing a partner for their children, you have a great variety of girls to date! Many of us go through numerous relationships before meeting the one they decide to spend life with. Nevertheless, there are several types of girls (basing on their attitude towards life and men) we proclaim to be a bad choice for both dating and starting a family.

We do not persuade you to omit relationships with these women – we just warn you about severe troubles you can bang against while seeing these girls. Now, let’s move on to five types of girls we do not recommend seeing with.

1. The One That Cannot Fall Out Of Love With Her Ex-Boyfriend

At first, when you meet this girl, you suggest you can help her move on and forget her grievous dating experience. As well, you might decide that you can substitute her ex-men with yourself and heal her mental wounds with your care and love. Oh, how wrong you are. Even if this little clot of far-fetched suffering lets you stay with her for awhile, she will dump you either way because ‘you are not Him.’ Both of you are now wounded, a lot of time is wasted and nothing enjoyable happens.

2. The One That Is A Gold-Digger

You may not recognize this type in advance; they are masters of disguise. She creates an image of deep affection much better than you will ever be able to. Later on, she starts with sweet little wishes and requests (e.g. to take her home, to pay her bills, to get her new headphones) and develops this up to a tremendous joke. At first, you might feel that you are the ruler of a situation while she becomes more and more dependent. You would be disappointed knowing the fact that you are the devoted whilst she is a horrifying consumer. That’s it.

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3. The One That Parties All The Time

Yes, it might be rather entertaining to dance-drink-laugh and overall have fun all the time. Such girls live to party and party to live. However, as time goes by, the enjoyment of permanent partying dissolves irretrievably – but she still asks for more. Actually, she does not date you – she just spends time with you during her day by day celebration marathon. In the end, she leaves you for someone more enduring. We are not judging these ephemeral creatures; they are just not designed for relationships and marriage.

4. The One That Is A Drama-Queen

Basically, girls are believed to be more emotional than men are (which is not quite truthful, but we are here not to bust social stereotypes). However, this girl gets the best of it – drama with her mother, drama with her best friend, drama with her boss at work… and drama with you, even if everything goes just fine. To be honest, exaggerated dramatic behavior is not the main issue. The trouble is – with this girl, it is always everyone else’s fault. Let her go and suffer her own tragic comedy called ‘life’.

5. The One With Nothing But Air In Her Head

The early stages of relationships are quite beautiful and mysterious – you barely know each other and have so much to explore! First dates went well, you are now about to have a deeper discussion of various important questions. It sometimes happens that the girl you appreciate so much for her playful manners and cute face turns out to be tragically dark. Well, some men can make an advantage out of it. Yet, if a girl cannot keep the conversation going – you should better let her mindlessly float in her Barbie world of rainbow ponies. Just saying.

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