7 Types of Photochromic Glasses You Should Know


I know at times, it becomes difficult to choose the right type of photochromic glass for specific application. In this article, I will share with you the 7 different types of photochromic glasses you may consider.

For a fact, since the development of photochromic technology by Roger Araujo in the 1960s, there has been a number of technological advancements and innovations. As a result, the technology is currently being used on a wide range of surfaces such as plastics, glasses, etc.

Here are 7 types of photochromic glasses you know:

1. Photochromic Cycling Glasses

Photochromic cycling glasses are fashionable accessories for anyone who cycles outdoors. Moreover, they protect the eyes from harmful ultraviolet radiations, bright sunlight, grit, debris, etc.

Unlike other cycling goggles, these glasses feature a photochromic technology. That is, they tint when exposed to UV radiation or sunlight. Therefore, you need only one photochromic goggle irrespective of the weather condition.

Most of these glasses come in a wraparound design thus, you can wear them comfortably on your face. They are made from durable and lightweight material with thin lenses.

2. Photochromic Polarized Sunglasses

The harmful ultraviolet radiation, bright sunlight and glare may cause blurred vision and eye problems. It is for these reasons that sunglass manufacturing companies are investing in both the photochromic and polarization technology.

These are major breakthroughs in the sunglasses manufacturing industry since, such glasses automatically tint on exposure to excess sunlight and UV radiations. The polarized sunglasses reduce glare that occurs when light is reflected off the surface.

Photochromic polarized sunglasses are designed such that the polarization effects occur even when the lens is not fully tinted. The technologies guarantee enhanced performance such as high light transmittance and zero image distortion.

3. Photochromic Reading Glasses

Photochromic reading glasses reduce eye fatigue and strain. It doesn’t matter whether you use them in an area with a low or high light conditions. Normally, when exposed to excess sunlight, they will tend to darken. In lower light conditions, they will become clear.

This offers both convenience and flexibility in all reading environments. That is, whether you are reading outdoors or indoors. Basically, the photochromic reading glasses are designed to protect the eyes from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.

People who use a photochromic reading lens do not experience eye problems. Moreover, they come with spring hinges, lightweight and soft touch frames.

4. Photochromic Sports Sunglasses


The photochromic sport sunglasses feature other advanced technologies such as anti-fog coating, hydrophobic coating and polarization technology. All these aim to boost contrast and guarantee unobstructed view at all times.

It doesn’t matter whether you are skiing, golfing, cycling, swimming or mountain biking. There is that specific photochromic sports sunglass that meets the specific needs of your sporting activity.

The sporting sunglasses tint on exposure to harmful UV radiation and eliminates any form of glare that may compromise clear view. They are also lightweight and designed for comfort fit.

5. Photochromic Shooting Glasses

Photochromic shooting glasses will darken or lighten depending on the light intensity or amount of UV radiation. Furthermore, they are shatterproof and impact resistant.

They are designed to provide a high degree of safety from falling or stray pellet. Using photochromic shooting glasses, will protect you from problems such as premature skin ageing or cataracts.

6. Photochromic Motorcycle Sunglasses

Motorcycle riders do not have to change their anti-fog coated visors whenever the weather changes, thanks to the photochromic motorcycle sunglasses. Whether you are riding at night or during the day; the photochromic sunglass will change to the desired tint. That is, they tint in excess UV radiation and return to a clear state in the absence of harmful UV radiation or excess sunlight.

They are lightweight, impact resistant and shatterproof; making them the best safety gear every motorcycle rider should have.

7. Photochromic Running Sunglasses

Whether it is a sunny or humid day; photochromic running sunglasses are designed to meet the dynamic needs of athletes. They tint or return to a clear state within a short period of time. Therefore, athletes will neither experience an obstructed view, nor get affected by the harmful UV radiations/excess sunlight.

The modern photochromic running sunglasses have advanced technologies such as iridium, anti-fog, hydrophobic and anti-scratch coating.

From above, it is quite clear that photochromic technology plays an integral role in face gear used in sports and recreational activities. Depending on your unique application, you can use it alongside other coating technologies I have highlighted above. Whether you need to incorporate it on motorcycle visors, football visors or goggles; photochromic technology will give you’re a peace of mind.

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